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Green Review Franz Good Earth Baking

It's been a while since I have done a review.  Partly because no one has sent me anything to review but party because of sheer laziness. Recently I have really been craving good bread. I love yummy bread with lots of seeds which I for some reason cannot make myself. I found this lovely little loaf of bread in a local store and thought I would try it out. Oh my am I addicted to it now. Its not only yummy but its just a great company too.

 Here are some little facts about this company.

-Franz  building has been on the corner of NE 11th and Flanders for the past 100 years.

-Many schools have field trips to get tour this amazing company. Yes I was one of those kids back in the 80's who visited and I still have the smell of that place permanently imprinted in my brain.

-Franz has been making bread for 105 years and running.

-After removing a window, Franz was able to make the longest hot dog bun ever.  It was one hundred and four feet nine inches long to be exact.

And now there is a new line of products called Good Earth Baking.  I'm not sure if they make it in the same old building or one of their new ones but in any case its made locally in Oregon.

What makes this company so awesome? 

-Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
-USDA Organic
-Only use pure, natural, fresh and natural products.
-They put water back just the way they found it. Pure.
-Provides full time work only to insure all workers get healthcare.
-Retirement contributions for all full time employees.
-Don't employ part time to avoid benefits like a lot of companies do.


They operate a water filtration system that purifies all water before they bake with it. This system uses activated carbon and catalytic reduction to restore water to its natural pristine state. They feel very strongly that you should put things back the way you found them, and this is especially true for water. They put it back fresh and clean.  They operate an air and water closed-loop cooling system to eliminate water discharge. Seventy-five percent of their toilets are equipped with an automatic flush system. They added 30% more automatic hand wash sinks to reduce water usage. When you add them up, there are a lot of little things that can make a very big difference.


Each year, 10% of their transport trucks are updated with more fuel-efficient equipment. This gives their trucks an additional two miles per gallon. Each truck also is equipped with an automatic idle shut off after 12 minutes, saving an additional 5% in fuel efficiency.  They have installed an oxidizer on the roof of their Portland, Oregon bakery. This oxidizer works by pushing exhaust through 600-degree ceramic tiles that vaporize ethanol into water and carbon dioxide. This process reduces 33% of overall emissions, and an estimated 95% of all ethanol emissions.  They have 27 route trucks that run on propane. Propane is a much cleaner and environmentally friendly fuel than gasoline or diesel. It is considered a “clean fuel” by the Environmental Protection Agency, and is particularly recommended by the EPA for fleet vehicles. One word-AWESOMENESS


Wind Credits-They are proud to say that Green Earth Baking products are made on a bread line that is carbon neutral. As part of this practice, they purchase wind credits to help offset our carbon emissions. These credits equal the annual equivalent of: 316,909 lbs of CO2 avoided , 352,082 miles not driven, and 28 cars off the road.

High-Efficiency Light Bulbs- Ninety-six percent of their bakery uses high efficiency light bulbs. Conventional incandescent light bulbs produce light merely as a by-product of the heat they generate. This makes them inherently inefficient, since all of the heat energy is wasted. High-efficiency bulbs such as compact fluorescents are several times more efficient and therefore conserve energy and money.

Maintenance-They check for leaks and energy inefficiencies weekly, if not daily. It may seem surprising, but this kind of simple dedication makes a big difference. A dripping faucet can cause gallons of water loss every day. Regular maintenance keeps that water from getting away. 


Organic-By now it’s widely recognized that organic ingredients taste better, in large part because they don’t spend their lives bathed in unnatural chemicals. What’s more, these chemicals inevitably find their way into other unwelcome places like rivers, streams and the water table. Put simply, organic means good.

Fair Trade-If organic means environmentally sustainable, then Fair Trade means socially sustainable. Fair Trade is a worldwide commitment to create market access and equity for small and too-often marginalized purveyors. In other words, it levels the playing field for the little guy.


Garbage is strictly a human invention, and it’s one that they are trying to un-invent. They do everything they can to make waste a thing of the past.
They partner with local businesses and non-profit organizations to make sure that they don’t let their products and ingredients go to waste. Ninety-nine percent of their bakery offices are furnished with recycling bins, and they re-use 100% of our transport trays and racks when delivering bread. They are  not perfect, but they try to seize every opportunity to reuse instead of contributing to the world’s landfills.

PACKAGING-One hundred percent of their bags are made with eco-friendly biodegradable material. The bags are treated with TDPA, which turns conventional plastics like polyethylene and polystyrene into degradable and biodegradable materials when disposed of properly. 
During regular use, a bag treated with TDPA is indistinguishable from an ordinary plastic bag, and it can be re-used and recycled. When triggered by the right pre-determined conditions, such as heat, UV light or mechanical stress, the bags begin to break down. These bags—each and every one of them—will disintegrate harmlessly in the soil, instead of sitting indefinitely in a landfill somewhere. After all, the idea is to keep the earth green.

RECYCLING-They recycle over 98% of production waste. They are very proud of this number, and  constantly work to improve it. It takes a lot of commitment and foresight to acknowledge and minimize production waste. They also use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for operations and presentations and 100% reclaimed wood for display fixtures. By now, the importance of recycling is no surprise to anyone, and They are dedicated to recycle in as many new ways as possible.

RE-USE-As bakers—and as food lovers in general—They love to make food, but they really don’t like to waste it. To that end, they offer 100% of our overages to nonprofit organizations, especially food banks. They also eliminate waste of another kind by re-using 99% of our excess cardboard.

I am in love with this bread and now this company. I make my own bread daily but anytime I want a good loaf of bread that I won't have to cook, this is the bread company for me. You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter. And you can find their products in any of these stores.

  • Albertsons
  • Safeway
  • Haggens
  • Whole Foods
  • Fred Meyer
  • Winco
  • Rosauers
  • Roths
  • New Seasons
  • QFC
  • Thriftway
  • Yokes

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