Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everyone say CHEESE!!!

I have fond memories of going to the Tillamook Cheese Factory when I was a child.  I remember drooling thinking about the squeaky cheese! The Tillamook Cheese Factory has been making history since 1851 and has been bringing us cheese for over a 100 years now. When we planned a day trip along the coast I knew exactly where I wanted to go. CHEESE!!!

Were pretty lucky because the coast is only about an hour and a half away from our home. Just when the kids get annoyed with each other were there. First thing you notice is the smell coming through the vents of your vehicle. Don't even dare to open a window. It's so strong that you can almost taste it. That my friend is good old cow manure. Mmmm lovely isn't it? 

The Tillamook Cheese factory has changed over the years.  They now have a VW bus that you can get inside and take pictures of. Were a VW family so my kids were stoked to get inside.  My oldest is only 2 years away from legally driving....and now I'm sad. Note to self: Stop talking about her growing up!

The fun part of the factory is that you get to watch them make the cheese.  Just about every part of the factory has huge windows that we get to spy through. My husband and oldest daughter were watching the amazing machines while the other kids drooled over all the cheese. 

So this means I can eat all the dairy products I want? For the vitamin A of course. Yeah I'll stick to that theory.

And here is why we come so many times over the years. SQUEAKY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET IN MY BELLY!!!!!! Squeaky cheese are cheese curds that squeak in your mouth when you chew them up.  Don't think any old cheese curds from any store will work.  You have to get the gold from the factory itself. That bag lasted a whole 24 hours in my house. If the kids had their way they would of ate the whole bag at the factory. You know I would of been joining them. Mmm cheese.

Not sure if that's glare from the window or her braces....or my crappy picture taking. I'm gonna go with the first option.  The second reason we go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory is for the ice cream. Mmmm. Here my daughter is enjoying mint chocolate chip.

Crazy for mint here too. Can you see the crazy in her eyes? Yeah you can thank me for that.

Dimples here likes to try new things.  I believe this ice cream is called birthday cake batter. Made me want to puke in my mouth. The sugar content on this one is out of the park. But she said it was amazing so it must be.

Mmmm chocolate. It's a classic and she likes to stick to what she knows. Mmmm! I went with chocolate mocha. Sorry a girls gotta have her coffee! 

And now I must go.  Hubby is getting a few things we can't get in our stores. I have a feeling its going to be cheese that is hotter than heck. And to my local fans-I get our Tillamook Cheese from my local Whole Foods.  They cut the amount I need and wrap it in paper. Yeah plastic free cheese!!! It's a bit more in price but well worth it in my book.  Just get to know your cheese deli worker. Woot!

For those who interested in frugal day trips.  This would be perfect. Here is what we spent.

Tour through the factory-Zip ziltch zero. Woot!
Cheese to take home $16
Ice cream for 5 people-about $6 for small cones.

Obviously you don't have to buy anything and can just enjoy all the samples and pack your own lunch.  Work within your budget and have fun. 

Cheers, Nancy

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