Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just toss it in .....dinner.

 This is what we had for dinner.  I call it my "Just toss it in" dinner. lol. When I need to use up some produce I usually make a soup.  To start off I had some chicken broth I made.  I had baked a whole chicken for dinner one night and boiled the bones to make broth. I tossed the broth in a pot and on the burner it went.

 Here we have some cabbage, carrots, kale, celery, and asparagus.  All in bite size pieces so it would cook faster.

 I had 3 sweet potatoes my friend Theresa (thanks!) gave me so I throw those in.  I like a mixture of salty and sweet in my soup. 

Then I headed out to the garden and pulled one onion, some chard, some bok chou, 2 burgandy beans, 2 snap pea's and some kale.  My garden is just going so I literally only had a few beans or peas. Can't wait till they give me more. Yummy!  Then I let the food simmer for about 20 minutes. I didn't add any meat becase I forgot to bring some out of the freezer. Instead I tossed in a jar of my already cooked organic white navy beans. Love those beans in soups. All it needed was some salt but I added some herbs in for good measure. Pretty much everything I had on hand.
So there ya go.  My just toss it in dinner. It was good. Damn good if I must say so myself.

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