Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seventh Generation Reviews

Rating is a 1-5 basis. 1 meaning lowest rating, 5 meaning highest rating

I have not tried all the Seventh Generation products but have tried most. Here are 4 of them that I tried this week. These have all been used by my family. This includes my 3 yr old twins, and older girls.

Seventh Generation Tall Kitchen Bags30 2-ply bags w/ties
I paid around $4 for this box, thats 50% more than most bags. I usualy will get whats cheapest but this time I wanted to be more Eco Friendly. I must say that these bags are super heavy duty. No rips or tears occured while using or pulling out to throw in the trash bin. There is a minimum total recycled content which is 55 % .Post-consumer content is 16% which isnt much but WAY better than anything else ive seen. Packaging is 100% recycled paper.

I rate this a 4 stars. Would of gave it a 5 if it was more economical. Its just too pricey for me to pay full price. I will switch on and off with my regular bags. Still helping the environment a little bit.

Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid Lemongrass & Clementine Zest 25 oz. Non toxic, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic. Ive been using this item for a year or so now. I see no differance between this and any other soap except that this is much more earth friendly and safe for your family. Smells really nice but not overwhelming. Made from coconut based surfactants , whole and natural plant essences and natural oils. Bottle is 25% post consumer recycled plastic. And is not tested on animals. Ive tried the lavender as well but I prefer this scent.
I paid a little over $1 for this. They were on sale at Fred meyers for $2.49(usually $3.49) and I had $1 off coupon that the website sent me. Costing me only $1.49. Just about the same price as other name brands. I wait for these kids of sales and stock up.

I rate this 5 stars Great price great product

Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softner
Blue Eucalyptus & lavender 40 fl oz 40 loads
I was a big fan of liquid softners for a long time. I had to stop using due to 2 of my daughters having excema and allergic to all dyes and perfumes. I recently found this item again at Fred Meyers. So I was thrilled when I found this. Its in a great small package which is 25% post consumer recycled. Its also non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic. Has no optical brighteners, no petroleum based cleaners, no animal tallow derivatives, no testing on animals and is safe for septic and grey water systems. I have used this all week and love it. I would prefer a stronger smell but will take what I can get. It makes our clothes soft and no static what so ever. Again I bought this on sale for $3.99(usually $4.99) and had a $1 off coupon so I only spend $2.99 for it.
Rate this 5 stars. Great price, great product.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper 4 roll per package
Seventh Generation Paper Towels are made from 100% recycled paper, with a minimum of 80% post-consumer content.Natural color paper towels are unbleached.White paper towels are whitened without chemicals containing chlorine. No added dyes and fragrances ,Safe for septic systems ,Ideal for low-flow toilets. Again no differance except that its eco friendly. Worked wonderful. Not too thin and not too thick. Again I bought this on sale for $1.99(regular $2.99) and had a $1 off coupon. I paid only 99 cents. Great deal!
Rate this 5 stars. Great price for a great product.

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