Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Support for moms

Im sure everyone could use some support. Even the most secure person needs advisee so with that in mind, I came up with these free online places where thousands of moms and dads go for advise. So check them out, play around, and keep an open mind.

www.cafemom.com Ive been a member for a year now and love this site. Their are thousands of groups, and im sure one just for you. I found this site helpful when it came to finding parents like myself who have children with excema. When doctors couldnt tell me what was causing it, I found other parents who have lots of info and insight. I now know whats causing it and its almost completely gone. This is my all time favorite site.

www.clubmom.com Not a member but looks alot like cafemom and even has links to cafe mom on it. Worth looking around.

www.ivillage.com Seems to be about you as a mom and children secondary. Pretty large site and has lots of sponcers. Everything from coupons, freebies, beauty, go green, health, and pregnancy and parenting.

www.momjunction.com Kinda like myspace for moms. Creat personal pages to share with friends, ask and answer questions. Plus you can hear moms from your area. Smaller site but seems pretty informative.

www.mothersclick.com Connecting learning and sharing. You can get answers, check out groups, lots of activities, classifieds, look at reviews, recipe's, blogs, look at photo's, look up resources, and even shop. Pretty cool site.

www.mayasmom.com Where parents share. Its similar to cafe mom but on a smaller scale. You can become part of a group, search for groups, discuss and share idea's. Worth a peak.

If you have any great sites you love, comment me

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