Sunday, December 14, 2008

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts to give RECYCLE GIFTS

Holiday Crackers

Toilet Paper Rolls, wrapping paper (homemade or bought), and ribbon or straing. You fill with the candy of your choosing. Just cut the toilet paper almost in half so its easy for people to crack them upen. Stuff the candy inside and wrap with paper. Tie ends off with ribbon or string. DONE!

Holiday Hot Cocoa Gift Bag

Clear bags with ties, cocoa powder (I made my own), Marshmellows, and a candy cane. This can be super budget friendly. This is what I used. I put my homemade cocoa powder in a clear bag with tie. These are usually $1 or less because they arent ziplock type. In a seperate one, put the marshmellows. They will dry out if you combine the two. Then I bought large clear bags with ties for $1.32 and marshmellows for $1 from Walmart. Put the two with a candy cane ($1 store) and tied it all together. My daughter made tags from contruction paper we already had and ribbon from our art chest. Wrote on each bag "Add 1 cup of hot water and enjoy!". Super easy and cheap recipe.

You can just buy single serving cocoa in a box for $1 at Walmart and put that in with marshmellows if you like. I made my own version with the directions off the baking cocoa box, and powdered milk. This way all people have to do is add water. I could leave out the powdered milk but its cheaper for them my way.

Each child in our family will get these two items and another gift im in the works with. I will post it tomarrow. Felted ornaments made from sweaters. Its another recycle gift.

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