Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Save where you can and be ECO FRIENDLY!

Ive been trying to come up with super cheap but alot of though gifts. You can be super budget friendly and still give people gifts that are heart filled. Promise! Here is a example of what im doing for my best friend.

She loves coffee, old things, unique things, and loves when I put together baskets for her. Here is what ive come up with this year.

2 handmade vintage stonewear coffee mugs. Deffinatly from the 60's or 70's. So retro and cool!
Paid 25 cents each

1lb Starbucks coffee.
FREE! Used a gift card that I won at a company christmas party.

1 eco friendly bag for fruit
Organic cotton mesh bag bought on for only $3.49. Using this to wrap her gift in.

Whole Wheat Flax Seed Organic Pancake Mix
cost maybe 25 cents to make. I put together this in a small vintage tupperware container I found for 25 cents. Making directions on a handmade tag. Will come with a wooden spoon.

1 small BEE MOVIE bottle of honey (use in pancake mix)
25 cents

Handmade cookies etc.
Free from my pantry

I christmas card I made on . Cost me pennies. This expired already but I paid $3.49 for 60 cards sent to my house. Each card has a picture of my dog, and the words peace, love, 2009. Super cute!

So you see, you can put alot of heart into a gift without spending at on. I think ive paid around $4.75 give or take some. Has tons of personalized details and its all meant for her only.

Every gift this year is eco friendly. Bought used, or its super earth friendly. Plus homemade mix's that are organic and healthy. You would be amazed how many things you can find in a thrift store. Plus you had put thought into finding these things for each person so they will love that idea. I would rather take something from these places so they dont end up in the landfill. I also encourage people to shop eco friendly sites. The cheapest eco friendly site ive found around is and their shipping is only $4.95 no matter much you spend or how many items you buy. Has everything from shirts, lunch bags, fruit bags, containers, water bottles, etc. Lots of bags to choose from. Regular bags, unisex, and even artist bags. You can use these bags as gift wrap too!

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