Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am happy to announce my top pick for internet sites. is a eco friendly and budget friendly site. I couldnt believe the great deals they had. So now you can feel good about spending your money on something that is eco friendly and sustainable.

This site has reusable bags, containers, water bottles, and many more items. Prices vary from $3.49-$100 depending on what you want. They are having a huge holiday sale right now so hurry before its over. Plus shipping is only $4.95 on anything which is super cheap.

If you have children, this site is for you. I was looking for friendly plastic bottles all summer long for my girls lunches. All I could find was large bottles which wouldnt fit into their lunches. I did find some at REI but they were all $20 and over just for a small water bottle.. This would of been a big investment considering I have 4 daughters. So when I stumbled upon this site, I was amazed that they had some as low as $8.99.

For now I ordered the following which I will be reviewing once I get them

3 Mesh bags made from 100% recycled cotton-used for fruit

1 Womans Med Top Front says "Plastic Bags Blow". 1 way to inform people about how bad plastic bags really are.

All these shipped for around $20. Super good deal.

Anyways, dont take my word for it. Just check out their site and get inspired. Lots of info to read up on, ways to help stop plastic bags from taking over our world, and tons of ways to be eco friendly. Its time to put a stop to plastic bags and paper ones too to be honest. We need all the tree's we can get. Start using reusable bags!

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