Monday, December 8, 2008

Took a break for family

Sorry everyone but I really needed to take a break. Really isnt much going on the weekends anyways so I just took a day off from blogging. It was really hard for me not to pull out the laptop, its become such a habbit for me.
My husband's work had a Christmas Party so we all dressed up and went to it. Balloon man, Magician, face painter and play casino were just a few things that were there. A raffle was done later, which we won 2 $20 Starbucks cards. I was thrilled!! I will save these for later use when money is tight.
These can be used to get regular coffee (less expensive). You will get around 10 drinks instead of the usualy 4. Coffee can get expensive. If you go inside to get your coffee, they have a few shakers with vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon powders. Makes your plain coffee taste like a fancy one. While im in there, I can get a bag of coffee grounds to throw in my garden. These are free as well. Maybe if im really up to it, I will walk up there and use no gas.
But anyways, we ate till our stomach's couldnt stuff anymore food in them. Full buffet with treats after. My childrens eyes were huge when they saw all that food. lol.
Plus we had to leave a little early due to us living an hour away. One good thing was that the girls were able to see lots of christmas lights on house's. They just love driving around to see the lights. One budget friendly thing we do every christmas is looking at the christmas lights. I have a large van so my friend and us usually do this. I make cocoa for all of us in kid friendly mugs (99 cents box of 9 Walmart or make your own for free) and we drive around super slow looking at all the lights around our town. Since gas prices are at a all time low, it really didnt cost us but pennies to do this. My kids just love this!
But im back now and hunting for the deals for you again!

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