Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter things to do

Weve been snowed in for days now and I thought I would pass on what weve been doing to keep ourselves busy. With 4 daughters running around, weve had to get creative.

Board Games-Once I knew it was going to snow us in, I pulled out every board game I could find. Not only is this free, but it brought us closer together as a family.

Craft time-I worked for a craft store for 10 years so I have plenty of craft stuff around my home still to use up. We made ornaments, christmas pictures, and even beaded gifts.

Cleaning-Yep, we did some good old cleaning. Finally cleaned and organized our twins room. Took us about 2 hours to do and we did this as a family. Also got caught up on laundry and the dishes. Take advantage while you can.

Movie time-James Bond marathon this weekend so I dvred them. Plus I also had dvred old christmas tv specials from the last few weeks so the kids loved watching those. I usually will pop some popcorn and the kids will get their blankets and pillows to lay down and watch the movie.

Take a walk-we did this the day after the first day of snow. The snow was only about 6 inches deep at this point so it was easy to walk. Really did get some good pictures too from this walk. Now if I could get them to stop eating snow, that would of made it more fun. lol.

Reading-1 hour a day the kids will go upstairs in their rooms and read a good book. Gives us parents alone time and the kids get some good reads in.

Baking time-Made homemade biscuits with gravy last night for dinner. Since I had all the time in the world to try it, went ahead and tried them last night. Was a big hit! So try some new recipe's out.

Listen to music-Our power never went out so we just would listen to christmas music channel on our tv. Was nice. I try to listen to christmas music to set the mood. Maybe when my girls get older, they will hear the music and remind them of all the good times we had as a family.

Computer time-my girls would take turns playing games on the computer, I would blog it on, and my husband would tinker around too. This took up some time.

Family time-Priceless. You just cant put a price on family time. But you sure can say its frugal. lol

Hopefully ive given you a few things to do when you cant leave the house. My husband was able to get out of the house and buy some milk and toilet paper. Definatly couldnt go on without those. lol

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