Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free broth anyone? SAVE YOUR MONEY!

I just dont see why people buy broth when you can get it for free anytime you cook. Its easier than you think to make, super healthy, and taste so much better. You can make any type of broth you want. Fish, poultry, vegetable, pork, beef, etc. You name it. You can do this while your doing dishes after dinner, or during the day when kids are in school. Make it fat free, low sodium, or even no sodium.

Here's what you need:

Animal carcass or left over dinner bones
lots of water
large pot
salt (optional)

Take your large pot, put in the bones, and add alot of water. Put on medium high heat and boil covered for 1-2 hours. Cook until bones fall apart.
Once done, drain into a large bowl over a strainer ( to catch bones etc). Set broth aside.
Go through bones and pick out any usable meat and set aside in fridge for another meal or freeze for soups later.
Throw out bones.
Put boneless broth back into pot and cover.
Put into fridge and leave over night or all day.
Before dinner (or next day) pull out and you will notive a layer of fat hardened and floating on the top.
Scoop out all fat (super easy) and save for later if you like. Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids. Or you can throw it out.
You can use this broth for that day to use or scoop 1 cup portions into freezer bags for later. I freeze mine in 3 cup portions. This way I dont have to use many ziplocks.

This can be done with vegetables as well. Save vegetable ends, and herbs for later in the week to make broth. Add all vegetables into a big pot with water and boil for about 45 minutes. Strain and put in fridge. Freeze into 1 cup portions or use that day. Fat free and FREE!

Or you can go pay $1 a can for broth in the store. Your choice.

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