Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry it took so long to get back. We moved and are almost done unpacking finally. We had to wait to get our internet hooked back up. But im back now and ready to get the ball rolling again. Since I live in a new town with lots of stores, I can find many more deals. Before we only had 4 stores to choose from. But I live in a much bigger town and have at least a 100 stores to pick from. I will be checking out all the stores, finding their mark down sections, ask when they mark down their dairy etc, and seeking outlets. If you havent done this in your town, its the only way your gonna find the deals so start asking around.
I was so used to knowing where everything was, what days t0 hit up each store, and how I could cut back on everything in our last home. Now its all new. I have to figure out where to cut back in every aspect of our new home. My old house was a newer built one so it was pretty energy effeciant. This house we have now is over 40 yrs old. Old windows, hardly any insulation, etc. Slowly but surely we will be updating but keeping the integrity of the style of the home. First thing were gonna do it get insulation blown in the attic and walls. Then were replacing all the old windows. This should help out a ton. Until then its turning the temp back, wearing warmer clothes, and taking advantage of day light sun coming in and keeping the lights off.
I will keep you posted on what I find, what I do, and my journey though it all. Until next time...

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