Monday, February 2, 2009

Recycle and get creative

For me its hard to come up with craft idea's on my own. Working at a craft store for 10+ years you might think I should know this stuff, but no. But if I see something done, I usually can figure out how they did it and figure out a way to do it cheap.

Now days its a must that we recycle. With our landfills filling up like crazy , its our job to fix what we have done. Recycling is a MUST. So to encourage your kids to recycle, it seems like a task in itself. If tought early, kids wont think its a task. Now days it seems parents need to be tought, not kids. But now there are thousands of books, lots of web sites and even classes in local craft stores that who you how to be creative and recycle. Here is a site that I found that can help you out. Not only can you find recycled gifts, but you can find hundreds of other craft idea's.

-Free patterns
-Green Crafts =Earth Friendly crafts
Indoor and outdoor gardening
Nature Projects
-Holiday Crafts
-Blogs -craft blogs you can check out any time
-Free printables
There are 1,000's of projects you can try out for free. From detail instructions to pictures you can see of each project.

This is a cool site. Has some places where you can buy items but a ton of good idea's. From old sweaters turned bags, to a trash planner. Lots of blogs you can check out or just get inspired by.

If you have any eco friendly sites that might be of interest to everyone, email me!

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