Thursday, February 5, 2009

You have a money saving routine?

Just about everday I have a routine I do. I didnt realize this until recently. Im pretty predictable. Ive never been one to be "routine" and "predictable" and it simply just throws me that im that way now. Just to give you an idea, here's what I do about 5 days out of the week.

1. Walk the girls to the school bus
2.Pack a lunch for the twins on our walk
3.Walk with a neighbor around the town (2 miles)
4.Come home
5.Walk up to Safeway/Walmart looking for deals. (2 miles)
6.Come home
7.Check the mail
8.Walk to get the girls from the bus stop
9.Cook Dinner
12.Go to bed

Yep, its pretty sad but this is what I do almost everyday. I keep thinking to myself "Geez Im boring."But you know what? Im not boring. Im saving us money and living my life. Here's why I do these things everyday.
Go for a walk. -Its exercise and makes me healthy. I get out my jogger/stroller . Im in comfy clothes, and ready with my ipod. Sometime's I listen to music to relax and sometimes the twins will watch a movie on it. The girls are each 30+ lbs now so I get a work out pushing 60+ lbs in a stroller. This also saves me gas. And I get to chit chat with my friend/neighbor.
Pack a lunch-I pack the girls each a whole wheat sammie with homemade jelly, a fresh fruit cut up, and sometimes crackers or cereal. This alone saves me money. They usually get hungry on our second walk (they smell fresh bread baking in the store). So instead of getting a snack everyday, I pack a lunch which saves me a bundle.
Go for another walk. My next door neighbor likes to take walks too so I usually will walk with her right after I get back from my other walk. This saves me gas money. Its 2 miles to and from so it can really add up. One quick ride up to the store everyday adds up to a full tank of gas I have to purchase later. This gets me exercise and feeling healthy.
Safeway/Walmart-after I get home from taking the girls to the bus stop, I get on my computer, blog and check my many sources for deals. I will print out any coupons that I think I will use or get items for free. I put them in my purse so I wont forget. This way I know what I clipped when im in the store and dont have to remind myself and get them out. I hit up Safeway first looking in my usual markdown areas. Deli, dairy, meat, produce, and sometimes a shelf they put out with steals and deals. This is how I buy all my yogurt. Then its to Walmart if I have coupons. I will again hit up their clearance sections and sales. Usually its food and home items I will buy. Rarely will I ever buy clothes. It has to be almost free before I will buy it.
Dinner-Dinner will consist of chicken. Right now is the season to buy chicken(legs and drumsticks) and I can get it regularely for 88cents-99 cents a pound. I throw it in the oven at 4pm for 1 hour. This way all I have to do it do the rest of dinner and not worry about the meat. Vegies is also whatever is in season. Carrots and celery are cheap so I incoorporate those into the meal. Im getting pretty good at making differant chicken meals. No one is bored of it yet.....
Laundry-I choose to do it at night, usually when we are sleeping. Thankfully I have a 1-6 hour delay button. This saves us money on our electricity bill. I then put it in the dryer when I get up early in the morning. All items that can be hang dried are hung up all day until the night when I go in to put another load in. I make my own soap at a cost of 1 cent per load.
So there you have it. Im regular and predictable now. It being this way saves me money, and gets me exercise..... then im okay with it. I will proudly stand up and say "Im predictable and boring!". And I still have money in my pocket from saving so much money and a full tank of gas. Can you say that?

BUT......Im moving in 8 days. This is all going to change and im freaking out a little bit.
No neighbors to walk with.
No Walmart (which is okay with me).
No routine walk plan.
Old house to update.
New schools
Dont know anyone
I have to start over and find all the hidden mark down spots everywhere.
Im scared but excited.

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods within 2 miles of me (yipee!)
You name it, its there. All within minutes of my new home.
A better school system
Family within 10 minutes of us
A chance to meet and gain new friends

So im excited and scared. The countdown begins......

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