Thursday, February 26, 2009

GREEN REVIEW Snack Taxi reusable bags is an amazing and wonderful company. Small business doing a big job. A mother of 3 started this company. She strives to keep her company local and never would use outsource labor. This is a must in my book.
One bag from this company eliminates an average of 1,000 plastic bags. Can you believe that? Amazing.
Beautiful colored fabrics to choose from for the outside. The lining material is coated nylon. They chose this fabric to get away from our original lining, which was PVC. In their research, they read that polyurethane is preferable to PVC when it comes to environmental impact. The polyurethane coating is very thin, and is applied to the underside of the nylon, so it doesn't actually come into contact with the food.
Their motto is "Saving the earth, one snack at a time."
These cost $8.95 for a sandwich size and $6.95 for the snack size (or half sandwich). Worth every penny.
Test:1 week of school lunch's for my two daughters. I was worried about the bread getting dried out but no problem there. Thought the sandwich would be squished but I ended up putting it last in the bag and it was never squished. Then the ultimate thing happened. My daughters apple sauce leaked all over the inside of her lunch bag. The entire snack taxi bag was covered with apple sauce. But the sandwich was in perfect condition. No soggy lunch for her. I cleaned out her bag and hand washed the taxi bag. Let it air dry over night and it was up and running for the next day.
Yah or nay? Heck yah!! This is the best thing ive found so far this year. This company comes through with flying colors. In fact im ordering more for all my girls. I just love the fabrics they have. Boys or girls. You like it, its there.
Check them out today, you wont regret it.

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boosmom said...

I just bought two bags for my kids as well, and I'm so happy. I felt bad using the plastic bags for snack, and my husband uses them or plastic wrap when he makes their sandwiches. I thought my husband would reject them, as he tends to find this sort of thing goofy (refuses to use the Laptop Lunch boxes, for example), but he is using them.