Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take a Staycation

Yes, you read it right. This year seems to be a struggle just to get by. Why not take a staycation and get away. Same rules apply to a topical vacation. This means putting an "away" message on your e-mail, letting your phone go to voice mail, forgetting the household chores, and turning off your blackberry. Also plan your trip ahead of time so you get the most of your time. Okay now that that's done, enjoy.
Get Lost
Everyone knows that the best discoveries are when you get lost or off the beaten track. Check out a new neighborhood you have never been to, a park you have heard about but never been to, or take a different way somewhere you always go. Might find something new.

Smarten Up
Take a learning vacation. Have you always wondered how florist come up with beautiful flower arrangements? Stop in at your neighborhood florist and ask if you can watch her in action. Want to know more about wine? Go to your local New Seasons or Trader Joe's and hang out in the aisle. Each store has their own wine person and you are free to ask any questions you want. Make a list before you go so you don't waste your time.

See the sights
Take advantage of your own city's sights. Channel your inner tourist and check you your resident museum (plan it on the free day check their site) , hit a few galleries or monuments. No matter how big or small. Check your cities official tourist web site for great idea's. Most are free!

Pamper Yourself
Lock the doors, turn off the phone, and pamper yourself. Light your aromatherapy (or favorite smell) candle, give yourself a facial, deep-tissue massage, pedicure, manicure or just take a nap. (blow the candle out if you snooze). Wash away the stress and emerge a new person.

Sleep in
Clear your calendar, plan a sleepover for the kids(or get husband to step it up!), and set aside breakfast stuff for the next morning. Pull down the shades, unplug the alarm clock, mute the phone, and just sleep. With all the demands on your time, the opportunity to rest can be the ultimate luxury.

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