Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To buy or not to buy & give a little get a little

To buy or not to buy....
So we all know how it is the week before payday. Broke, that's how it is. Although I do have some cash for the remaining 4 days, I don't want to use it. Im trying to be creative. Here are a few of my challenges I am having right now.

No toilet paper-nothing. I looked in my closet and found some flushable wipes the girls used when potty training. So were going to use those up before I go buy any toilet paper.

No bread. I have plenty of english muffins so those will due until payday.

Almost no fresh milk. I have powdered milk that will due us until payday. Once in the fridge for a few hours, you cannot tell the differance between fresh and powdered milk.

Entertainment-The hubby is gone out of state for 3 days and I wish I could leave the house and do something special with my girls. But with no money, its not possible. So board games, crafts and movies at home it is. My girls love having family time.

Give a little, get a little

Right after we moved into our new home, we ended up having too much stuff and ended up giving alot of it away. My friend came over and I let her rummage though it all. She took home alot of stuff for her home and it was all free! I was happy to get it off my hands.
Well I went to babysit for that same friend and she had a bag of lotions and such for me. I was so excited. I love lotions and cosmetics. Especially when its FREE! Lots of Burts bee's, Calgon lotions, and body washes.
My point? Well its like the old saying. "You pat my back, I will pat yours." Feel good about helping others. And feel good about others helping you. Think about your friends and family who could use something your giving away. Or just send a email stating what your giving away and if anyone wants it, just reply. One persons junk is another persons treasure.
To top the day off, my father in law sent some goodies home with my husband. Some Pepsi, ramen, and chips. Things we would never buy (never have the money) or only for special occasions. I was delighted. Every little bit helps.

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