Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frugal Gardening Progress

I didn't have any more room in my raised garden beds so I ended up just making dirt piles along my newly built fence my husband put up for me. Wasn't sure how this would all work out so I just went for it. Turns out, the plants love it. The row of green is cucumbers and in the corner are a few herbs. Behind the both of those are pea's Ive planted and will grow up on the fence. I wanted to take advantage of every space I had in the garden.

One thing I found out was that bugs really love lettuce and broccoli. To be able to harvest any of my produce, I would have to plant certain things in certain places. I used my long tall raised bed to grow all my lettuce, spinach and broccoli. I used a net that I bought for $10 (gasp) to cover them all due to birds wanting to eat all my seeds. Plus keeps our kitty from doing her business there too. Well these plants thrive in here. Every night we go out and pick some for salads at dinner time. Or while I'm watering my garden, the girls will usually sit and pick a snack. The tall dark green plants are my spinach that is at the end of its life. I usually will just pull one plants and pick all the leaves off for salad. Plus I have broccoli in 2 different age's so I will have constant broccoli.

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