Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pet Friendly Plants

In the past, Ive put in my garden only to feed my dog and not us. Its very aggravating when you work so hard at having a good garden and your dog comes along and eats all your profits.Well Ive grew wise. So I found some things that I can plant and my dog will not eat them. Spearmint, mint, lemon balm and lemon verbena are great herbs that you can grow for the beauty and to eat them. My dog wants nothing to do with these plants. lol. Although maybe it would be good, it would keep her breath smelling minty fresh. lol.
Also the light green plants you see are carrots. Yep, carrots can be grown and animals have no idea whats going on beneath the dirt. Potato's would also be a good thing to grow here, I just didn't have enough room.
I would suggest planting produce that grows under the soil or does not put off any smell. So remember this when you are planting. I moved into this house with all flower beds already here so I didn't have a choice where these beds were put. So I didn't have a unused flower bed, I got creative.

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