Sunday, June 7, 2009

Organized Overstock

This is my closet. To be exact, its my overstock. I call it this by habit, too many years in the retail business. I try to keep all my deals and freebies all organized so when we need something in particular, I can say yes I have it and its in this basket. I try to keep extra of everything on hand. When I'm out and about and I find a good deal or get something for free, I get it. Even though we do not need it at the time, I still get it. Why pay more when I need it then, when I can pay less when we don't need it. This rule is good for food and everyday needs. 
In this picture is my cleaners, razors, deodorant, hair samples, and soap. The deodorants are small sized samples mostly which are perfect for my daughters. They are small and if their younger sisters get into them and we have to throw them out, I'm out nothing.  The soaps are mostly free ones  my husband has acquired from
 his hotels when he travels for work. He takes everything home for us. I have not bought soap in years. The hair samples I use when my hair starts to feel dry. I just go in and pick what I want for a hair uplift. 
One basket I have is for vitamins and medicines. And the other small one is for my samples of those items. We use those when we travel or keep in the car or purse. I have a basket just for lotion and body soap samples. I get so many of them that I need a large basket just for them. I use the small lotion samples for my purse or car. The body soap samples we use for regular soap. I keep one in each bathroom to use as hand soap. Sometimes I put the soap in my Pampered Chef foam soap dispenser to make the soap go longer. 
I keep this stuff all organized so I always know whats in there and if I need anything. Its nice to go in there and be able to grab what I need without having to dig around to find anything.  I never refuse a sample of anything because it can always be used in our house. Even though its a small container, it can be used. I literally have not had to buy any soap, toothpaste or deodorant in a long long time. We just use the samples we get. We don't have a preference in brands for anything in our home and adapt to what ever we get. This alone has saved us a ton of money. Whats really nice is if I need to throw together a get well basket or a pampering basket for a friend, all I need to do is go shopping in my very own closet. 
What does your overstock look like? You don't have one? Start keeping box's or baskets, clear out an area just for this, and start getting organized. 

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