Saturday, June 6, 2009

My line dry test

About two weeks ago I challenged myself to not use my dryer. I was hesitant because I do a ton of laundry. Washing clothing for 2 adults, 2 older girls, and 2 younger girls who change their clothes about 3 times a day. I really do not have a large line to dry my clothes on but I do have a fold able one if I really needed it. 
So off I went. Washed my clothes in my energy efficient washer, and then out to the line I went. At first  I wouldn't even think of line drying my jeans. They get a bit scratchy and I didn't think my children would like that. Guess what? They didn't even notice. lol. So I went in it for the long haul. Socks, undies, and everything went out. We went through a great warm weather spurt for about 2 weeks. It was really nice. I was able to get about 2-3 loads a day without being home all day. I loved hanging the clothes and listening to the birds and squirrels chirp at me. Then when I took them down, the smelt so good.  My towels are crispy, perfect for exfoliating your skin and felt so good. 
So was it worth it? You betcha! I was able to get in the yard and relax. My 15 minutes hanging and bringing down the clothes was very theraputic. It was quiet, my kids were not yelling, and it was nice and warm outside. Plus I was able to keep an eye out on my children while they played. 

And you would not believe the reaction my husband gave me. He actually said he was wrong about it and it knocked $10 off our electric bill. Crazy huh! Imagine if I did this all month. This has really made me start to think. From now on I will be line drying all my clothes any day its an option. If I can save us $10 in two weeks, how much can I save this summer? This is my new challenge for myself.  How about it? Want to try out this challenge?  Not sure how to start?

Go to your local Dollar Store and buy 1 pack of clothes line and 1 pack of wooden pins. Just use nails on your fence and string along the clothes line any way you want. Done. $2 dollar investment is all it takes.  Keep an eye out for the foldable ones at yard sales. You often can find wooden ones, which are the best and last for many many years. Or if you have a handy husband, have him design you one made from post. They are worth every penny. 

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