Monday, June 29, 2009

Where did she go?

I know, I know. Its been a few days. But I can explain myself, promise. Over the weekend I had 2 extra children and 1 potluck, 4 soccer games, and all my regular life to attend to. It was very crazy and hectic. I learned each day to pack more things to each game. 1 bag for things to keep the kids entertained, and 1 bag for snacks and water. Did I mention it was over 80 degree's each day? So yes, sunscreen was packed. So where did my blog fit into these days? Well as you saw, it didnt. If I wasnt packing for the soccer games, I was cleaning my house, cooking for 8, or sleeping. And on top of all this its allergy season. So I had to balance coffee with my allergy med's to keep awake. OOhhh this was a long weekend.... Im still recovering from it.

So I had to remember one thing. I am not super woman. I have to let some things just go. My blog and laundry were the first to go. This was a very hard thing for me to let go. I didnt want to let you guys down and I just do not like my laundry to get piled up. I think as a mother, we struggle with simple things like this. We feel like we need to prepare and get everything done. I guess even if it drags us down with it. Well I struggle with this and am determined to be more relaxed. Lets just see how this pans out. lol

So "Im Sorry!" and im back. I have lots of things that have been stored up in my brain that I want to write about, so get ready.

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Amber said...

Take some 'you' time - we'll still be here. : )