Friday, October 16, 2009

Frugal Finds

Today I spent the day with my 4 yr old twin daughters shopping for groceries. Since I am having my issues with Fred Meyers(btw still no email or call urr), I had to shop Winco and Whole Foods . While I was shopping, I found some amazing deals I had to share with you.

Jonagold Apples 58 cents per lb
They are huge apples and I will be using them to make apple jelly for my girls. We will see how it turns out because I am going to wing it. Should be interesting....

Cheez-It's Family size box $2.28
This is a great price but it gets even better. I noticed a peelie on the side of one of them. $1 when you buy 2. Yahoo! I bought 4 box's of them for $1.78 each! This is such a great deal considering a normal size box of crackers are over $3 each. This should last us for weeks.

Star Olive Oil $5.57
Remember that Star Olive Oil Survey where they sent you 5 $4.00 off coupons just for filling it out? Use one of those coupons and make this for only $1.57 a bottle. Yahoo!

Whole Foods

First of all I have to say I was pretty proud of them for having options for your bag refund. You have 2 options. First one is to get a 10 cent towards your purchase. Cool! Or you can donate it to 3 different places. 1 for the animal shelters,
1 for local food bank, and another one for another place I cant remember (sorry!). What a great idea! I donated mine to the Dove Lewis Foundation for animals. So kudo's for Whole Foods!

Have a love/hate relationship with ziplock like me? I love how convenient they are hate the fact they are plastic and end up in landfills or our earths waters. Horrible! Today I found a solution for some of my ziplock issues.

Natural Valley is available at Whole Foods which makes me excited. Pictured above is their natural colored, non-toxic wax paper bags. 60 count box for only $2.79. Non-toxic when incinerated or put in a landfill. This cannot be recycled but you can throw them away and they will break down and will not leak into our waters. What a great product! Plus you get 60 of them. Compare this with ziplocks-they are both about the same price. One cannot be recycled plus might or might not leak toxins into your food if heated. One can be put in a landfill to break down. I'm choosing the paper ones. The color is slightly off and not clear, so remember this when you buy them. The net had some reviews and this was a complaint. Not clear, serious? I just dont understand people sometimes.
They also sell parchment waxed paper rolls too for $2.39. I will use this to put my meats in the freezer with. I seriously just found this companies products on the web one day ago and almost bought them. So glad I waited!

Another bonus for Whole Foods!!!
Reusable bag pro-A mesh bag for your produce that comes with a adjustable strap. Looks kinda like a mesh bag you would put your bra's in the washer and dryer with. If that makes any sense. They are only $1.25 each. Ive seen the same bags online for $3 each plus don't forget the shipping cost. I grabbed 2 of them and headed towards the check out. Cashier says "Oh they are buy 1 get 1 free." I said charge me for 4! That's a great price!

Now I'm not sure how long these prices will last but hurry and grab them while you can. I believe Winco will have their stuff for about a week, same for Whole Foods. Sometimes Winco will change them over night so the sooner the better for them.

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