Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green Review esencia by Samy Hair Products & Grocery Outlet

Okay it's been a while since I have done a review. Partly because I haven't had any companies contact me in a while but also as you know it's been a rough couple of months. So if your looking for someone to review your products i'm wide open people!!

There is this store in Hillsboro Oregon that is a few miles away from my home called Grocery Outlet. When I was in middle school my mother would travel through 2 cities just to get to the nearest Grocery Outlet. It was crowded, it was dingy but man oh man did they have some good deals. Mom was a single mother to 2 children so she had to make her money stretch very far. Very very far. Well this little company has came a long way and has become huge in the last few years. They now have stores through out California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada. So to my local western readers look for your nearest location. I know you have heard of them because they have catchy little commercials with jingles that stick in your head. And yes they are no longer dark dingy stores. They are nice and clean just like any other big named grocery stores. They also sell everything you can think of but at rock bottom prices. They do not accept any coupons except for ones they put out in coupon books like the Entertainment Book or Chinook Book (my personal favorite book).  But at rock bottom prices you won't need coupons. And yes they have a TON of organic, all natural and even gluten free products.

I have been using Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value shampoo and conditioner for almost a year  now and really love it. But at $3.99 per bottle it can be pricey.  I did a review on them back in March and have been hooked ever since.  I do need a good conditioning about once a month and have been looking for a good hair product within my budget. So when I came across this esencia by Samy product line I was very excited. Best part is that it's half price! I picked up a bottle of these for $1.99 each. Whahoo! They also have a hydrating conditioning treatment so if you just want something every once in a while to give you shine this would be your best option.

Esencia by Samy Salon
White Lotus barley & nettle Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner 

Hydrating Shampoo
It's 95.8% natural with certified organic ingredients
Sulfate & Paraben free
Phthalate Free
No Propylene Glycol
No Artificial Colors
No Animal Testing
Natural Plant Extracts

Hydrating Conditioner

It's 97.1% natural with certified organic ingredients
Phthalate & Paraben free
100% Vegan 
No Propylene Glycol
No Artificial Colors
No Animal Testing
Natural Plant Extract

Now don't get me wrong, I love my 365 everyday value line very much. So many years of horrible chemical filled products made my hair greasy all the time and it was so nice to have dry feeling hair. But I did miss the shiny aspect of my hair. I love my all natural free flowing hair but sometimes I wanted a touch of shine and this product line fit the bill.  I am really in love this this line for a few reasons.

-That much needed shine I was looking for is just exactly what you get. Love it.
-Smells so nice and light.
-Organic ingredients which my 365 line had none of. It was all natural but not organic. So this is a huge bonus.
-My hair feels so silky. I constantly play with my hair now.
-A little bit goes a long way.  
-At $1.99 a bottle I feel fancy with a macaroni and cheese budget. 

-The smell is light to me but my husband thinks its strong.
-I have never seen this product in another store so get it while you can. Hillsboro location has lots.

Overall this is a great product. I do recommend it to all my local readers. You can find more information about these products here. They are running a special on their site for buy one get one free. They retail for $6.99 a piece. That is pretty cheap if you ask me. I see organic product lines at Whole Foods and New Seasons that run from $6.99-$19.99 for each bottle. So snag some if you can get some.

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adomesticprincess said...

We love Grocery Outlet Stores. We purchase all kinds of Organic produce and teas there. We are finding organic tea bags at 99 cents to $1.49 a can/package. These same teas are up to $8.99 a can/package in "regular" grocery stores.

We also find the natural and organic health and beauty products at rock bottom prices. It really pays to shop there first. Our store is only 5 minutes away, but I always make a quick stop whenever I come across one in my travels. Not all stores seem to get the same things at the same time.

There is a vegetable juice that we can only find there that tastes a lot better than V8 and is a lot less expensive at $1.99 a big bottle.

The trick with Grocery Outlet is to try it and if you really like it to go back immediately and stock up, or else it will be gone. I have also been able to purchase some healthy food and personal care items to donate to local charities/soup kitchens. They are always thrilled with my donations. Healthy, organic, major name brand stuff.