Sunday, January 30, 2011

$50 a week

Hello everyone! Today I was able to get my $50 a week shopping done. I am protesting Whole Foods because of recent news which you should read about when you get the chance.  So today I headed off to New Seasons to find good deals and discounts. I think I did pretty good!

New Season's

$2.40 1 dozen large brown vegetarian fed free range eggs 

FREE (retail $2.99) organic French baguette bread
Used my  Chinook Book coupon. Sweet!

$9.95 fresh pasta made locally. Reduced price of $1.99 a box.  Snagged 5 boxes today!  Put in freezer for dinners later. Packaging can be used for starting seeds so I will save those.  Mini greenhouses!

$4.79 Brown Rice Syrup-looking to replace horrible syrups for pancakes. Will update this later when we use it.

$5.38 per pound red bell peppers. I bought four to take home, cut up, add some onions too, and freeze for later use. Adds so much flavor to anything.

$1.26 Bulk Dried currents to use with oatmeal in the mornings. Kid's do not like raisins so hopefully they like these.

$1.26 bulk organic coconut to add to oatmeal too.

FREE (retail $1.62) feta spinach sausage link. Another Chinook Coupon. Sweet!

$4.99 Organic gallon of milk

$8.97 organic russet potatoes. They sell these in 5lb bags. 15 pounds should get us through a week or two. Cheapest price I found! And its regular price! Just do not like the plastic packaging but can recycle it. Urrr!


Trader Joe's

$3.99 12 pk of recycled toilet paper. Will last us a long time since were doing the Clothe Wipe Challenge

$4.99 Pulled BBQ Pork. Okay okay I don't usually buy this but they had a sample of it and it was so damn yummy.  I promise to recycle all packaging and learn to make it myself. PROMISE!!!

$1.49 Half n Half hormone free  



Side note:The onions in the picture I bought from my neighbor Christy who bought a 50lb box of them for cheap. I snagged those large onions for only $1. 
The two large mason jars you see on the right are full of honey. I also went in on a gallon of honey from Azure Standard with Christy and my friend Tanya. Paid only $10 for it. I paid $30 last month for the same amount but from Whole Foods. I saved a bundle for sure. 

Also pictured is a small mason jar with pickled watermelon rinds. Christy made those and gave me a jar. OH my are they yummy! What a great way to use up the rinds. I just threw mine away last year. Not this year!

Anyways as you can see I did pretty good. Didn't have to buy any produce because I bought some from Azure Standard last week.   I have some produce my friend Theresa gave me that I can use for dinners too. Thanks THERESA!!! My nieghbor Jessica gave me some homemade apple sauce which was yummy. Thanks JESSICA!!  

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