Monday, January 3, 2011


Really wasn't ready to get up early today but I guess someone had to get the kids off to school. I love my kids but I was READY for them to go. Not sure if its because of them tattling all the time, fighting constantly or because they were up in my hair constantly. Too much time together and they turn into little monsters. But I love them all the same.

As most of you know it's been a rough couple of months for my family.  We lost my grandpa a couple of months back, my father in November and just recently we lost my grandmother.  I think it hit me pretty hard because it was up close and personal this time. I had lost 2 grandfathers when I was younger but it happened when I was not there. I do remember crying because of losing my grandfather but was able to move on more quickly. But this time I was there and it was very personal. I still struggle. I still hurt. But I must move on.

Usually I don't set any New Years resolutions but this year I decided to set just a few. Some personal and some that will you will all benefit from.

More post & pictures-Before all this family stuff I was able to get at least one post a day.  After a while I couldn't think of anything to write. From now on I plan on writing about every aspect in my life whether its just trying to find cheaper items or how to's on a recipe. Isn't other peoples life fun to read about anyways? I know i'm reading dozens of blogs. Things that seem silly to me might be interesting to you. And I plan on taking lots more pictures. I have a great camera so there's no excuse.

Local-I have many local readers and have not done them justice. From now on I plan on sharing where I get the best deals, where to get the best organic products, and lots more. I also will be sharing with you places we take our children. We take lots of hikes, walks and love just being in nature. I was a bit paranoid about sharing all this info but I think that if I show it to you after we do it, everything will be fine. I just want to show all you that you can do lots of fun things that don't cost you a penny.

Garden- This year I plan on over hauling in my garden. Making the best of my space, growing new things, and taking full advantage of my new greenhouse I purchased. I grew up gardening and there is no excuse for me not to share everything with you. How are you to learn if your not shown? I will also be sharing with you many items I have received from my grandmothers farm house.  Lots of exciting old farmhouse stuff.

Up and personal-I plan on sharing more information with you and getting up close and personal. More photo's of me (which i'm not comfortable with but need to get over it) and speak from my heart.  I try my best to keep others thoughts in my mind when I write and I really need to stop that. This is my blog and I have opinions just like everyone else. If they don't like it they can read another blog. Am I right? My Facebook pictures says it all.  "I'm green, suck it!".

A few changes-When I started this blog back in 2008 I wanted to help people stretch their money. I have learned over the years that you don't need coupons, free samples and no need for running around to sales at dozens of stores. For the most part I have not wrote about any of this in a long time. But there is a start to any learning process and even I make mistakes. No more free samples unless it's from a organic brand that I feel the need to share with you. No more sales unless it's for my local readers or is for a nationwide store that everyone can benefit from.  No more coupons what so ever! There are many many blogs that cater specifically to coupons and they will do a better job of sharing than myself.  I will share with you those blogs though.

Riding myself of plastic-I have to admit that i'm not 100% plastic free just yet.  I still own some Tupperware medium sized storage containers. Will replace those with glass as I find second hand glass items. I refuse to go buy new expensive items when there are thousands of second hand options.  Still looking to replace my Tupperware pitcher with a glass one.  I also need my Kool-Aid plastic cup for the bathroom. I use it to wash my daughter's hair because we have a cast iron tub and any glass would shatter in there. So until the twins learn to wash their own hair it stays.

Reduce our packaging/garbage- I think Ive done a pretty good job of reducing packaging and our garbage/recycling but there is always room for improvement.  I still occasionally buy lunch meat prepackaged, cheese wrapped in plastic and also lemon juice from Costco which comes in a plastic jug. Anyone know where to find lemon juice in glass? Until I can get lemons fresh for cheap this is my only option. We drink lots of lemonaid because its a cheaper alternative to frozen juice.  We share a trash/recycling bin with our neighbors and we fill them up each week. I want to reduce our consumption as much as possible.

So my question to you. Anything you want me to write about? I invite you to comment about anything at all. I'm looking forward to a better year and would prefer it to be a "death free" year please. Thank you.


Simply Green said...

I look forward to reading your posts on gardening, and everything else as well. I hope this year is easier on you, and wish the best for you. You are a source of inspiration.

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Thank you Simply Green. And you inspire me too!

AshleyG said...

I don't ever post comments (on any blog :)) but wanted to just give a shout out and let you know I really enjoy your blog, being in the area and working on the same goals, you teach and motivate me! Thanks!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

AshleyG-THANK YOU! I struggle with things just like everyone else. But when you have other people going through the same things, it is a big motivator. You all motivate me!