Thursday, January 20, 2011

Voodoo lady and the dilapidated donkey

I did a bad thing. A very very bad thing. I went to Goodwill Outlet not once but twice. And then I went to a regular Goodwill two days later! I just might have a problem.....maybe. Okay its confirmed. But but (finger raised in the sky) I found some good stuff!

Okay now come on! Just look at this beauty. I have been drooling over heavy planter pots for two years now but just cannot spend that kind of money on them. I snagged this beauty for $6.99 which is a deal because brand new these things are $40 or more. This thing weighs about 25 pounds and yes I dragged it around till I finally resorted to getting a shopping cart. I'm in love with this.
Nothing drives my husband more insane than looking at bread on the counter in the kitchen. He hides any bread product and then I find it a week later all moldy. Urr! This was $4.99 but since it was a red tag it was only $2.49. Whahoo! My husband is happy now.

I squealed inside my head when I saw this on the shelf. I grabbed it and hugged it. I swear I did. It was only $3.99 and for some reason I justified it even though I really didn't have the money to buy it. I didn't care.  I wanted it. I mean just look at it. Smile on my face....
Look how earthy this is. Rustic letters and beautiful colors. I could die right now. Seriously. Sigh...
And now its at home with all its other friends.  Perfect size to hold one pound of echinacea. And when I washed this and went to put this away I noticed something. You might want to sit down for this. Well at least I needed to. It says "Nancy 78" on the bottom. MY NAME!! Now I was born in 77 so if anyone asks you, yes I made this when I was one. Yep, i'm that good. I have an obsession with buying herbs now so just call me the voodoo lady. I'm so okay with that. Ive been called much worst.

Other random stuff

Two years ago my neighbor Christy gave me three wooden boxes.  I sat out in my front yard digging up thousands of bulbs which took me a few hours to do.  I decided to put them into these boxes so I could put the boxes anywhere I wanted.  Most the bulbs are tulips and daffodils of many colors. So who knows what colors or flowers will be where. Random is my style.
Another freebie but this time from my neighbor Jessica. A large beautiful green pot which I also planted bulbs into. They are just now popping up through the soil.  Can't wait till they are in full bloom.  The rest of the bulbs I planted in circles under every tree in my back yard and along the garden fence. Should be so pretty.
Last year I snagged this beautiful colored pot for 50 cents from a garage sale.  It was in my garden until my husband broke it while building our fence. I was mad to say the least. Really...really...mad. So instead of throwing it out I planted it half way into the ground hiding the broken area. It's just cute and I had to keep it. 
A small story. My grandmother had a fenced off area right in front of her house that kept us children out of her pretty garden stuff. This donkey was inside. I would stare at it each time we would visit. I wanted to touch it. Act like it was my pet. I just wanted to pet its head. Okay I wanted to take it home. I was lucky enough to take it home this year.  Grandma I promise I will take care of it and love it as much as you did. Miss you grandma.

I saved the best for last. On the side yard of my grandmother's house was a filbert tree. Under the filbert tree was this bird bath filled with hens and chicks.  I loved it. I would touch the hens and chicks all the time wondering why they looked like a cactus but didn't feel like one.  All the grandchildren would hang out under the filbert tree because the adults would kick us out of the house.  There were many hot summers and the only refuge was under the filbert tree. And you better believe we ate filberts till we were sick. When my grandmother was sick and I was allowed to take some things that I wanted, this bird bath was the first thing I grabbed. It's in bad shape but I will fix it to its original glory.
I made my husband be careful not to damage any of the moss.  It's just so beautiful and I want to keep it that way.
Just look at those moss hairs sticking out reaching for the warm sun.  Okay I can die now. 


Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart! I've read your blog for almost a year but have never commented. I am hitting my local Goodwill soon. Found our Seattle outlet nearby. Great eye with the treasures you've found!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Thank you Anonymous!
Your not that far from me:)
We have Goodwill's everywhere in Oregon. Love love them. Well I mostly love the Goodwill Outlet.

Anonymous said...
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