Monday, March 7, 2011

$50 a week plus garden time

Last week I bought 32 sausage links from New Season's so there was no need for any meat this week.  Normally I would not buy that much but it was New Season's anniversary sale and they were only $1.99 per pound which is unheard of.  So this week I had a little wiggle room for new things. Here  we go!

New Season's

$4.99 Gallon of organic whole milk
$3.99 Organic Yogurt
$2.42 Organic Apples
$1.35 Cramini Mushrooms
$1.03 Organic Onion
$2.29 Red Chard
$2.99 Red Dandelion -no idea what to do with them but should be fun.
$2.19 Dozen vegetarian fed  eggs
$1.99 Wheat Grass-will add this juice we fresh squeeze.

TOTAL minus 10 cent bag credit $23.14


$1.49 Hormone free half n half
$2.89 Fair Trade Banana's
$2.99 Sea fresh Toothpaste-was half price!

Total $7.37


$2.49 Sliced Ham
$2.99 Sliced smoked turkey
$2.58 Two bags of organic fusilli pasta
$2.58 Two bags of organic penne pasta
.99 one head of lettuce
$1.69 Dried mango-will use this in a salad

TOTAL $13.32

I had a gift card I needed to use up so I found 2 lovely bottles of wine to take home. One was a Moscato wine (YUMMY!) for $3.99 and some what locally made in California.  And the other bottle is a organic Sparkling wine for $4.99 from Spain which was recommended.

TOTAL $43.83  
Under budget WHAHOO!!!

Today I was lucky enough to have a garden buddy. We went to work making the soil level between these garden beds.  We have some more to go but we managed to get most of it done.
We also filled in some holes that the neighbors dog had dug up trying to get to our dog. When we built this fence the neighbors dog was able to get in our yard and play with our dog. They had a week of playing, and laying in the grass together. When we finished the fence the dogs were not happy.  And how I have holes in the dirt around my fence. Well until today.  Good news is that the raspberries I thought didn't survive the winter did end up surviving. WOOT!

Last but not least we were able to get some more starts going in the greenhouse. It was a sunny 65 degrees in there which felt really good. Lately its been so darn cold here in Oregon that this greenhouse feels like a sauna. Love it.

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