Saturday, March 12, 2011

$50 a week

New Season's

$4.99 Organic Whole Milk
$4.99 5lb bag of organic carrots
$4.69 Minneola Tangerine's (in season so they are 99 cents per lb)
$2.29 Organic Rainbow Chard
$1.48 Bulk Peppermint Tea (much cheaper when bought in bulk vs in prebagged)
$1.54 Anise Seed (using in tea for sore throats)
$2.19 Vegetarian Fed White Eggs

Total with bag refund=$22.22  

Whole Food's

$3.58 Organic Crushed Tomatoes Canned 2 total
$1.49 Hormone free half n half
$4.99 Tofu (this is our fun purchase. Marinated tofu!)
$1.10 Organic Honey Tangerine (on sale for 99 cents per lb. they were as small as a walnut. FUN!)

Also pictured but not listed is 2 banana's and one orange which the girls got for free using their WF kids card. Sweet deal!

Total $10.86

Trader Joe's

$3.98 White Cheddar Puffs 2 bags
$1.29 Sweet Chili Sauce (super yummy! Plus comes in glass so it can be recycled)
$1.99 Gorgonzola Crackers
$1.99 12 Grain Crackers
$1.29 Organic Fusilli Pasta
$1.29 Organic Penne Pasta



I ended up using a gift card with some money still on it and also returned a book I had purchased so my total was actually a but less than what you see.  It actually only cost me $38.65 which is a sweet deal!!! I did forget to check my pantry before I left which resulted in me buying sweet chili sauce when we didn't really need it. That's okay though because we use it on just about everything.  Once again i'm still using up all that sausage I bought 2 weeks ago so I didn't have to buy any meat again. Again saving me money down the long run. Worth scraping by that week for sure! 

Look what we had for lunch today. Organic Penna pasta with yam(Thanks Theresa!), carrot, fennel(again thanks Theresa!), sausage crumbles and a simple white sauce.  Topped it off with fresh parsley and fennel sprigs (thanks Theresa!). Super yummy savory and sweet. Total cost= $2.54 Picture is of the pasta after 6 people already ate. It makes a ton of food.

Earlier in the day my husband bought a truckload of organic compost for $20.  My 10 year old daughter Hailey helped me unload all the dirt into one of the garden beds. We thought one truckload would be enough for the two beds but as you can see it didn't. It was pouring down raining when we did this and as you can see by the picture I was getting stuck in the mud several times. After we came inside and cleaned up it stopped raining. Go figure!

Oh looky what I have here!  Whole Foods has organic certified Botanical Interest seeds for sale and I couldn't resist.  The carrots will be fun for the kids to grow and the tomatoes are all me. Yummy!!!!

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