Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Review One With Nature,Giovanni, and Collective Well Being

One With Nature

One With Nature is a company that makes everything from soaps, lotions, body wash, and hand wash products which are all made using salts/muds from the dead sea. They have been saying for centuries that the mud/salt from The Dead Sea have therapeutic properties that heal your skin. This goes all the way back to Cleopatra.  You can find One With Nature in just about any all natural store there is. Retails for $4.49 each bar of soap.

My Review 

Although the company is aware that The Dead Sea is shrinking at one meter per year,  they continue to use its resources. Yes they are working with a organization that is leading a international effort to investigate and promote large scale efforts but I feel its not enough. To me they are into profits more than conversationship.

But I do have to give credit where credit is due. My review is on their Dead Sea Mud soap.  This soap is pretty amazing. It leaves my hands super soft, clean and leaves a nice smell. The soap is triple milled and last a long time. It's not like those homemade soaps that dissolve into the bath and melt away in just a week.  The small bar I have is in our bathroom by the sink and has been there for about 3 months now.  It is a sample bar so its only about 1 inch wide and 3 inches wide. Imagine if you had the full size bar? This soap would be good for washing your hands after working in the garden or even doing some engine work. Yes its that good.

That being said would I recommend this product? If and only if you live near The Dead Sea. Otherwise no.


I have done a review for Giovanni before and was excited to try their hair care products this time.  This is a somewhat local company to me which is good. All their products are made in California except for the lip balm which is made in Mexico.  None of their products contain SLS, SLES, Phthalates, artificial or synthetic fragrances.  They also don't test their products on animals and are vegan.  They unfortunately not gluten free.  The company prints a expiration date on each product and state that each product has a 3 year shelf life. Most companies do not do this step.

My Review

Would I recommend this product? If you live in the West then yes. If you live somewhere in the East I would start researching to find a local company to you.  I used the shampoo/conditioner for damaged hair because I was able to snag a sample from Whole Foods. I do color my hair so I was excited to see if it would bring a little life into it which it did. It had a lovely light scent which was not over powerful at all.  My hair felt nice and soft with no added weight to it. When my hair was dry it was still super soft with no frizz.  I usually take bath's and didn't notice any oily stuff or weird discoloration on the surface of the water which meant that everything in the conditioner was going straight into my hair. This is a all around great product. Would I recommend this product? Yes especially if you live in the West where its local.

Collective Well Being

This is my first review of Collective Well Being products. Collective Well Being was founded in 2004 after more than three years of three years of development with some of the best dermatologists, microbiologists, green chemists and naturopaths, Collective Wellbeing was born.  They were the first company to have made its entire product range paraben-free,  and were the first to develop an effective acne treatment that has no benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide or artificial fragrance.  They also have a zero carbon footprint and is the first beauty products company to have pledged at least 1% of annual revenues to environmental non-profits. Retail cost is $12.50. Now that being said onto my review.

My Review

My review is of their Camellia/Sea Kelp  Partner in Shine.  I washed towel dried my hair as usual then put some of this in my hair as directed.  I combed my hair then used my hair dryer to dry all my hair.  I was pretty  disappointed by the results.  I didn't see any new shine to my hair and if anything it made my hair frizz. There also was no hold what so ever. Only thing I could see that it did was help my hair smell a tad bit better.  Yes my hair still felt nice and moisturized which is its claim to fame.  It was no worst or better so again felt like it did nothing.  Maybe I need to use this for a while before I see results? In that case its not worth the money then. I need quick results which this did none.
Would I recommend this product? No.  So save your $12 because your better off just putting olive oil in your hair and getting quick results. Oh and plus if you have it in your house already, its free.

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