Sunday, March 27, 2011

$50 a week

New Season's

$1.97 Bulk Dishwashing Powder
$2.99 5lb bag of organic russet potatoes
$2.99 3lb bag of pink ladies apples (cheaper to get the bag this time)
$2.49 Organic Navel Oranges (99 cents per pound sale)
$2.19 Dozen Vegetarian free range eggs
$3.98 Nitrate free bacon pieces (had to ask because they were not in the deli case.. $2.99 per lb)
.79     Organic yellow onion
$4.99 Gallon of organic milk

TOTAL minus bag credit $22.29

Whole Foods

$7.99 Liquid Amino's 32 oz (basically soy sauce but healthy and 50% less sodium plus YUMMY)
$1.49 Sunshine hormone free half n half
$2.69Mother's butter 1 lb (usually $2.99 but was on sale)
$1.13 Boc Choy (1.49 per lb)
$1.47 Fair Trade Banana's (69 cents per lb)
Bag donation was donated.

TOTAL 28.77


$3.24 Bulk White Rice (.47 per lb)
$1.48 Natural Cough Drops
.05 bag credit
TOTAL $4.65


$12.90 10  2lb bags of hash browns
I should state that these are my husband's favorite hashbrowns and Grocery Outlet doesn't always carry them so when I find them I buy a ton of them.  These are 2lb bags so 20 lbs of hashbrowns should last us a month or so.  I dislike the fact they come in plastic bags but I do recycle them. Uggg

$18.60 over budget

I am way over budget but I have a happy husband. I could of passed on the butter because I didn't look to see if we had any and I never want to run out.  They were also on sale so I snagged one anyways.  But I  still would of been over budget.  Oh well .  Nuff said.

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