Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Progress March 2011

Yeah I know its been a while. Thursday of last week I thought I came down with a cold. Well turns out I have hay fever and I have been dealing with that since then.  Thanks Lisa Sharp for bringing that to my attention.  For some reason it never occurred to me because I have never had hay fever before. So all week I have been doubling up on my allergy medicines and drinking lots of nettle tea. The problem is that I forget to take my medicine all the time which leads to me suffering more. I suck.

Oh yeah today was a good day. I was able to use my new rubber boots that my best friend scored a deal for me. $11 is a good deal if you ask me. I played in the mud and enjoyed every single minute of it.

Remember that wire I snagged from my grandma's place? Well today I put them to use with my twins. We wired them together into circles, filled the sides with leaves n such to keep the soil in and then planted potatoes into them. I have been stashing small finger potatoes, purple potatoes and russet potatoes (all organic) in my pantry and they finally were ready to plant. This is my first time planing in above the ground so we will see how it turns out. This option should make it easier to harvest later. Yeah for no more digging up potatoes!!!
I decided to put my tall wire things (name?) in the center of my garden beds. I will be planting beans and pea's to grow up them. I am trying to use up every single space in these garden beds.
I snagged this small wooden box thing from grandma's wood shed.  Not sure what they used it for but I decided to plant some marigold's and alysums in them.  Should be interesting....
I finally moved my poppy plant in the front yard by my strawberries.  My truck needs the space so I have been moving all the plants to other places so we can fill that area in with gravel.  When I moved the poppy I found this small poppy baby. Perfect time to move it because it's been the 3rd wettest March on record here in Oregon.  They look like they will make the move just fine.  Excited to see how large they get this year.

Last year my father in law moved into a home and this fountain was there. He ended up giving it to us so we dragged the heavy thing home. We put a new water pump in it and had it up and running for a while but issues came up.  I noticed slime and the pump getting clogged from my twins putting organic matter in the water.  So this year I decided to turn it into a garden feature instead of a water feature. It turned out better than I thought it would and I can't wait until the plants fill in more.
My last photo is just a fun one. My plum tree is in full bloom and I just love these tiny little blossoms.  Its photo's like this one that make me love my camera that much more. Love close shots . Have a nice day!

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Lisa said...

Your welcome! Also do you have a neti pot?

And this makes me jealous in many ways. First we are in a major drought and so wet dirt makes me jealous and you getting to plant does. I'm afraid to right now because of the watering I will have to do. Even a rain barrel wouldn't help since we aren't getting any. :(

Feel better and keep posting pictures. :)