Monday, September 12, 2011

$50 a week

It's been a long time since I have shared my $50 a day.  I get so much stuff from my garden that honestly you would get bored of just seeing a picture of milk and butter consistently. But the growing season is slowing down and I am now having to buy many things. So here we go.

Mark's NW Fresh Produce

$5.00 ($2.50 each) 2lb bag of sweet peppers. I bought 2 bags so the girls can have them in their lunches for school.
5 Tomatoes
2 local apples


Plate in picture is of things I picked from my garden. Enough green and yellow wax beans for dinner tonight and a handful of broccoli spears that needed to be used.  I pulled the broccoli out because it was done for the season. 

New Seasons

$1.99 Woodstock Crushed Tomatoes
           I usually buy Whole Foods but wanted to try these out because they were the same price.
$2.59  Milk 2% rbst free hormone free
$2.50 Organic Franz Bread
$1.38 Organic Celery

Whole Foods

$2.99 Yellow Banana's Fair Trade (.69 per lb)

$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half (lowest price around & my favorite!)

$3.39 18 ct vegetarian fed free range chicken eggs

$1.68 Gran Queso small wedge of cheese (wanted to try something new)

I'm stocking up on items for making tea this Fall and Winter.  I searched for name brand tea's that were specifically for colds and immune boosters. I found a few good ones and wrote down their specific ingredients that I knew I didn't have which were not too many.  The ones I didn't have I looked for in the bulk spices/tea aisles.  My girls love hot tea when they are sick and prefer it over any medication you can buy for colds.  Today I found a few items I didn't have.

.83 cents Lemon Peel ($20.64 per lb but you don't need much so worth it)
.12 cents Lemongrass ($11.52 per lb)
.30 cents Licorice Powder ($14.99 per lb)
.65 cents Orange Peel ($12.99 per lb)
.08 cents Fennel Seed ($7.99 per lb)
.12 cents Clove ($21.49 per lb)

Don't let the price per pound scare you away.  These items are just things you don't need to add much.  The base of tea's are usually raspberry leaf which is pretty cheap.  All bulk tea's are cheaper by the pound rather than prepackaged tea's.  They taste much better because they are not steeped in paper bags which you can taste.  Try it out for yourself!

Also I picked up some seeds for next year at 75% off.  Pink Cosmo's were only $1.25 and the sunflowers were only 47 cents so I couldn't pass them up. I usually get as many seeds as I can the year before and on sale. Otherwise I couldn't afford to have so many different beautiful and unique items growing everywhere. 

This is with a 5 cent bag credit because I always bring my own fabric bags.  Also not pictured or priced is a cheese stick that I bought and ate.  They are so yummy!!!

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