Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to normal....finally.

I feel sorta bad now. I didn't realize how long its been since I had posted anything. Oops...sorry.  Well I blame some laziness but mostly I have been way too busy with my family.  Between soccer games, my husband traveling for work and keeping the house chores done I literally am just too busy to sit down to play on the computer.  I have been busy keeping the garden producing and have lots of produce in the freezer.
I planted what I thought were yellow wax bush beans but turned out they were runners.  Oops. I scrambled to get support for them and I think I did a pretty good job with it.  Inside I have kale, ghost pumpkins, and random flowers which hopefully will do fine.  I'm a bit worried because the beans take up all the sun leaving very little for the rest.  The beans have flowers already so I should be getting lots of beans soon.  Did I mention this is in my front yard?  I wanted to show everyone that you can plant anywhere and it will look nice. 

I ended up pulling my yellow crook neck because they were not producing very much and really wasting my garden space.  In the back I planted broom corn that I can hopefully use to decorate for Fall.  I also planted some more Patti pan squash which hopefully will give me some produce before the whether turns cold.  Then in front I planted the first of my winter garden which is mainly kale.  My oldest daughter is drooling at the mouth thinking of the kale chips we will be making.
The middle bed was full of Patti pan squash which were all done producing so I pulled them out and planted more tomatoes starts I had.  Hopefully I get some speckled Roma because they are beautiful when ripe.  This last bed I just planted more kale and some lettuce.  I really want to take advantage of the growing seasons and if all turns out okay I will be getting food all year except for December.

This area was just going to be for strawberries but I got bored one day and planted a ton of things.  So far I have lots of varieties of tomatoes, Patti pan, zucchini, bok choy and lots of kale of course.  The strawberries are still producing a little but only enough for the girls to go snack on.  My twins will eat any strawberry with a hint of red on it.
I'm finally getting tomatoes!!! enough to make my own tomato sauce but I'll take it.  Love fresh tomatoes in anything I cook.   
Yesterday I pulled all the bean plants off my metal stakes.  Although they are pretty they were just not giving me any beans anymore. I then planted peas because they are hearty plants and will grow well in the Fall.  My corn in the back is growing nice and will also be used to decorate in the Fall.  I do have some bean plants still producing, some broccoli is giving me a little and of course I planted more kale. 

I pulled my Cosmo plants because honestly they were turning into tree's.  I didn't realize that the variety I planted was so big.  In the beginning of the season I had potatoes planted here but I have since harvested them and planted tomatoes.  I kept all the flowers where they were because they just looked so pretty there.  The peas on the fence are doing very well but will soon be giving me very little and will be pulled and replanted again. 
This wall is just crazy.  I have zinnia's, Cosmo's, beans, random flowers, sunflowers and some herbs all jam packed in here.  They seem to be thriving with each other so I have kept it the way it wants to grow.  I just love all the beautiful colors blending together. 
Last but not least here is my last garden bed.  My cauliflower grew slowly because of the lack of sun but finally they are ready to be harvested.  My second crop of scarlet beans are growing over the older crop.  Not a good idea of me to plant under the old crop.  Its really not fun trying to pick beans and the spiders have made a nice home in there.  Yuck! My banana squash in the back is not doing well and I think I will have to pick it this week.  They didn't get as large as they should but something is better than nothing.  My green peppers have yet to give me anything, bok choy needs to be picked because of the bugs, and random carrots will be needed picked soon. 

Now that you have seen my garden, how well is your garden doing? 

Are you getting lots of things to harvest?

What method of preserving are you using?


Gallegos Newsletter said...

Beautiful pictures of your garden! I have a question for you about your green house...Did you build it from a kit? How early can you start your starts in there? My husband is wanting to build one and so I am trying to research them now....

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Gallegos Newsletter
I actually bought my greenhouse from my good friend. I paid $200 for it and it was already put together. One day I would love to build my own from old wooden windows. Ive seen so many in other blogs that I drool over. I just love the old windows.