Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet Sean Gettings and Lisa Sharp. They are pretty cool.

This week has been pretty good for the blog.  I was asked to guest post in my friend Sean Gettings blog called The Environmental Guy (and part-time background actor!).  Head on over and read my guest post and learn some ways to get your children to recycle. Make sure to become a fan on Facebook of his too. Those little girls in the picture are pretty darn cute. I hear they look like their mama....haha..

This is my friend Sean Gettings. He's pretty cool.  We share a love for the earth and fight to protect it.  If you love getting your nerd on and reading about recycling, solar panels, urban chickens and buying local and eating fresh then you will love his blog. Best part is that he is a local guy here in Portland and knows the in's and outs of Portland. He is married to Amy and has 2 beautiful children who I melt over each time I see a picture of them.  Those curls!!!   Lets give him some love and help him on his way. 

I also guest posted on my friend Lisa Sharp's blog called Retro Housewife Goes Green.  If you do not have a garden, want to start a garden or just don't know where to start then you have to check out my guest post.  I love Lisa's blog and have been a fan of it for a long while now.  Keep her in your favorites and be sure to check her blog out on Facebook as well.  I literally could go on and on about things she writes but just head on over there and get comfy because you will be on there a long time.  Yep she's that good!

My summer pea plants are done producing anything so I decided to pull them and replant peas for the winter garden.  I also dead headed my marigolds and save some of the seeds for next year.  The other flowers you see are a bit crazy looking but I'm leaving them for the birds to snack on.  They love the seeds off of them.

Much better! Chicken wire really is the best for this area.  You cannot see it and the peas love to climb it. 

My scarlet beans are still thriving so I am keeping them for a bit longer.  I pulled my cauliflower out because I didn't pick them in time and they flowered.  Here you see lots of dirt area which I have planted lots of lettuce. 

For fun I planted corn in the garden beds.  One bed doesn't get enough sun so the corn is only about a foot tall.  This corn in the sunny bed is about 6 feet tall.  I will use these to decorate the front of the house in October.  Who knows, maybe I will get some corn out of it.  Its my first time growing corn so I'm enjoying watching them grow. 

These plants died a long time ago.  The wooden box was a goodie I found at my grandma's and I grew some Alyssums in it which have all died.  The pot on the right my daughter Megan planted some pea's which did pretty well.  She was able to eat anything it produced (which was only about 4 pea's but was excited to eat

them).  At this point I'm having fun getting creative with everything. 

I simply took the soil out and added some good organic soil to it.  I planted spinach in the wooden box and pea's again in the pot.  I love this stuff.
Last but not least look who came out to play?  Out of the 3 sunflowers I planted only one decided to grow super tall.  I just love how beautiful it is.  Think I will plant way more next year.  Love love love them!

UPDATE: Less than 5 hours later a squirrel decided to rip the head off of this sunflower.  Don't think it understood that the sunflower had not yet grown any seeds. So now I'm mad and sad.  It's war you damn squirrels its war!

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