Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I don't know what my problem is lately but I have been really slacking.  I bought 2 dozen packs of Pepsi because we were craving it.  Although they were aluminum which can be recycled it was just a bad choice on our part.  I should of just bought one can and left it at that but no the sale price got me. They are all gone (off to recycling) and were not buying anymore ever again.  Well hopefully.

School has been going for two weeks now and I'm just now getting into the groove of things.  Its the first time in 13 years that I have had a few hours to myself.  Instead of taking advantage and cleaning my house I decided to leave the house each day and hit the thrift shops.  Well now there is no excitement while shopping because I have been to each one way too many times.  Today has been the first day where I have been cleaning and actually getting things organized. 

I did manage to go to the store and bought myself a few packs of bulbs.  P.Allen Smith has a line of bulbs at Fred Meyers and I wanted to shout out to the world when it saw them.  I normally do not buy bulbs because its always the same old boring plants for sale.  P.Allen Smith has the best assortment of crazy beautiful plants. 
This pretty plant is called Allium Schubertii.  Seriously how wicked is this plant?
Who doesn't love a flower ball? What a beautiful plant. Its called Allium Ivory Queen.   This will be a plant people will stop to look at. 
Last but not least this is called Allium Purple Sensation.  Just look at the deep color of these. Gosh I'm in love!

I plan on putting these in the best show I can.  My yard will be the one that people on walks stop and look at.  Love crazy colors and crazy shapes. 
Any of you have plant suggestions for me? Do you grow a crazy beautiful plant? Share!

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