Saturday, September 24, 2011

$50 a week

I'm still getting lots of produce from my garden so this is why you won't see any in the picture.  I'm using what I have and getting pretty creative with it.  Also I still have some meat left in the freezer from previous shopping trips so I didn't need to buy anymore.  Right now I'm mostly buying fresh items that I cannot freeze and snacks for my girls lunches. 

Whole Foods

$2.50 RBST Free milk-we drink lots of water so we don't need much milk.
$3.99 12 pack recycled toilet paper
$1.78 2 cans of organic tomato paste-I use to make pizza sauce
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half (my favorite and LOCAL!)
FREE-They only had one 12 pack left but one egg was broken.  I took it up to them and asked if I they had more.  Took them a few minutes but found some and gave them to me for free for my troubles.  LOVE THIS STORE!

Donated my 10 cent bag credit to a local charity + all my change I had in my purse.


Trader Joe's

$1.99 Sour Cream Puffs-lunch snacks for school lunches
$1.99 Ruffled Veggie Chips
$2.29 Fire Roasted Salsa Salt Free-glass jar will be reused. We eat chips n salsa for snacks
$2.29 Fennel Toothpaste -my kids love this stuff
$1.29 Organic Spaghetti Pasta
$2.78 Organic Whole Wheat Pasta Fusilli
$2.58 Pizza Dough Fresh -using to make pizza tonight. I'm no baker...I just cook damn good.
$2.29 Kosher Dill Pickles-OMG are they good!


I have $22.74 left for this week still.  Not bad!

On the way home I checked out a garage sale that was by my home.  I have a rule to only stop by is they are on the way where I am going this way I don't use up much needed gas.  Remember the post I wrote for Retro House Wife Goes Green? Here is a great example of how to save money.

I found these two lovely metal pots for only 50 cents each.  I will be cleaning them up and giving them a new coat of spray paint to freshen them up.  Now that's a score!! These would of cost me at least $10 each if I bought them new.  These will be used on my front porch or in front of either side of my garage. 

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