Monday, November 14, 2011

$50 a week

This week was a maintenance week for me.  I have plenty of veggies frozen from the garden and still have plenty of pasta/rice from before. So this week it was just the fresh items I needed. 

New Seasons

$2.69 Gallon of rbst free milk
$4.19 Ground Sirloin 5% fat ground beef ($3.99 per lb sale this week)
$2.42 Nitrate Free bacon ends (cheaper than bacon slices! )

Total minus bag refund $9.25

Whole Foods

$1.89 rbst free Vit D 1/2 gallon milk (used for creamer)
$1.99 Free range veg fed eggs
$3.99 Fragrance Free Lotion (my daughter is allergic to just about everything)
$4.99 3 bean dark coffee beans whole


Trader Joe's

$3.98 Two bags of puffiest white cheddar puffs (my girls lunch snacks)



$4.99 Tillamook 2lb block white cheddar w/coupon (normally $9.99 woot woot!)
$2.50 Darigold Butter (usually $4.39 woot woot!)
$1.25 Frozen Apple Juice (on sale. Using for daughters science project)


Fred Meyers

$2.69 International Creamer Cinnabon
$2.69 International Creamer White Chocolate (my husband wanted these)



I'm under budget by about $10.  Payday isn't till Friday so money is tight right now.  I'm trying to save where I can because it seems like prices of any type of food has increased.  To offset those cost I am trying to cook as much as possible and have no extra expenses.  Just going to have to get creative. 

So have you noticed all the prices going up?

Anyone else notice the shortage of organic sugar in the bulk?

Have your peanut butter prices gone up?


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