Sunday, November 27, 2011

$50 a week

$50 a week


$5.23 12 Cans of Tuna (my husbands request)


.46 cents Garlic Salt
$3.88 Deli Pepperoni


$2.19 Organic Raisins (sale $1.99 per lb)
$4.22 Organic Unbleached Flour (sale .89 cents per lb)
$2.69 RBST Free Milk
$4.11 Ground Beef All Natural (will be used in 2 meals) Sale $3.99 per lb
$1.99 Turkey Lifters (sale 50% off Metal & no plastic)


$4.99 Organic Sugar 4lbs (not pictured)
$6.58 Tomatoes (will be buying these from now on. Can recycle the container & no BPA!)
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half (local company RBST Free)
$1.10 Fair Trade Banana's
$4.11 Ground All Natural Pork (will be used in 2 meals) sale $3.99 per lb
$4.99 Coffee Beans 3 Bean
.90 Organic Fennel
$1.99 Vegetarian Fed Free Range Eggs


The bag of bird seed you see was not taken out of my food budget.  Not sure how it ended up in the picture.  I get it from the bulk section for only 44 cents a pound. My poor birds outside have been giving me dirty looks so the feeders must be empty.  I did go over budget but only by less than one dollar so I think I did pretty good. 

I will no longer be buying cans of food so I'm pretty sure my budget will be tight until I can figure out where to buy things for the cheapest.  Today was about tomatoes so I found the paper type containers for only $3.29 which is about fifty cents less than New Seasons for the same exact product.  Only other thing I buy is tuna in a can which my husband requested this week.  I found them on sale for only 44 cents each which is cheap where I live.  This should last him for a couple of weeks.  I will be buying dried beans from now on and cooking them then storing them in the freezer.  Other than that I don't usually buy canned food.  This should be a easy thing to get accustomed to. 

Last but not least I think I have solved my problem when it comes to storage containers to use in my daughters lunches.  I was looking for stainless steel or glass and didn't like any of my options what so ever.  They were either too hard for my girls to open or too expensive.  Instead I will be sending food in small mason jars (which I own a ton).  These are easy to open and made of thick glass so do not brake easily.  This week I'm testing this out. Will get back to you on it. 

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