Thursday, May 6, 2010

Compost info

Have you ever thought of composting? Its easier than you think promise! Assuming that you have one, I thought I would give you some idea's of what to put in your compost. I have a hard time finding browns to put in mine so I have to get creative. Maybe you are different, maybe you don't have enough greens. Here is a great list of things you can put in your compost.

Browns-Wood ashes,saw dust, tea bags, egg shells, corn cobs, shredded paper or cardboard, straw, and dried leaves.

Greens-Vegetables, fruits, grass clippings, manure, coffee grounds, seaweed, feathers, plant cuttings and hair.

DO NOT PUT IN-Meat and bones, poultry and fish, fatty food waste, whole eggs, dairy product, human and pet feces, pernicious weeds, used kitty liter, or treated wood.

I will be making another compost soon which will be followed up with pictures.  Any of you have creative compost? Ive used a garbage can with holes drilled into it and even just made a pile on the ground. I'm 

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Wonder-ful said...

After the garage purge over Spring Break, we ended up with large (empty) plastic storage bins. I took the dark colored one (purple)and poked a bunch of holes in it. I was worried I made too many holes, had too much shredded junk mail... but it's turning out.

Although I should really make another soon.

I am finding that we have a lot of old papers and junk mail (the stuff we have yet to get unsubscirbed from... I swear! Junk mail is like modern civilization's cockroaches or something).

We're taking one day a week to file papers, shred what needs shredding, and saving all of the shredded stuff in a large bin (another from the purge). I can use this as a layer in my permaculture experiment, add some to the compost bin, or use it when sending packages this December.