Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Local Oregon Readers-Azure Standard

My neighbor has been telling me about this amazing company called Azure Standard for a while but it wasn't until recently that I finally started to order from them. For one thing I just couldn't image buying produce in bulk. I'm talking 50 lbs of potatoes and 37 lbs of oranges..etc. But now that I have switched to organic I can see myself buying more and more from them.

What is Azure Standard?
They specialize in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products. They deliver directly to customers, buying clubs and retailers by semi truck and UPS. They started out in 1971 on a 2,000 acre dry-wheat and cattle ranch.  In the 1950's farmers started using chemicals on their crops. They went cold turkey in 1971 and stopped using chemicals in their crops. Slowly but surely the soil  regained its natural fertility. Azure Standard continued to grow crops and sold to many others. In 1987 Azure Standard was born.

They chose to call our business Azure Standard, to signify by the name what they are attempting to do. Azure is a shade of blue which has been associated with law, justice, and honesty. In raising an azure standard, they want to place an honest standard in the marketing of food. We feel that the correct way to effect a positive change is not to attack the way it is being done, but to begin to do it right.

How it works-
First create an account which is free.  The next step is to sign in. You will want to read their guide to getting started before placing a order.  Need a catalog? Go here and order one.  You can order online and have it shipped directly to your door or have a drop off point. I would strongly advise getting some of your friends/family/co workers in on this because their needs to be a designated drop off place and also a minimum order. For the truck to stop at a particular location, that “drop” must have a total order of at least $550.00*. Any number of people can order as long as each order within the “drop” is at least $50.00**. This is easy to do if you think about 50lbs of potatoes for $35 and so on.
The drop off point needs to be a persons house or business central to everyone who wants to order. Remember you can go in on any item you want. Just make sure to to keep in contact with everyone who is in on this drop point. For example i'm ordering 50 lbs of potatoes today. My neighbor is gonna take 5 lbs and another person will be taking 10 lbs. They will just bring cash for me when we pick up the order at the drop point.

Why go through all this effort?
I would not be able to buy organic if I did not do this. I pay .99 cents per lb for organic potatoes in my local store but by buying from Azure Standard i'm getting them for 75 cents per pound.  I ordered 37 lbs of organic oranges for only $19.00. In the stores they are $1.49 per pound but i'm paying only 51 cents per pound.  The savings really do add up.

What products do they carry?
Everything you can think of. From organic produce, Diva Cup, recycled toilet paper, all natural cleaners, dairy alternatives, organic clothing, and even prepared foods like Amy's. They sell thousands of products and top selling brands at bottom prices.  I just cannot find anyone else who can beat the prices.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Azure Standard
79709 Dufur Valley Road
Dufur, OR 97021
Phone: 541-467-2230      
Fax: 541-467-2210

Office Hours

Sunday:9am - 5pm
Monday - Thursday:6am - 6pm
Friday6am - 3pm

Online Support

They are always interested in receiving feedback from their customers. Here is your opportunity to tell them what you think.
Please note: If you need immediate assistance, please contact customer support as described above.
Customer Service Email: info@azurestandard.com
Website Feedback Email: webmaster@azurestandard.com

Hopefully this will help you have a organic healthier lifestyle  on a small budget like myself. If any of my local friends are interested in ordering with me just send me a quick email.   If you have any questions at all about drop points, just call them. They might even be able to find you a local drop point near your home.

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