Sunday, May 23, 2010

Layer Gardening

Look who decided to come out and say hi? Oh how beautiful they are. These are my pea plants that finally poked through the soil. This year I decided to plan my garden very well. Usually I just randomly plant things anywhere I can find the room. I have a pretty big garden but my problem is that I want to plant a ton of stuff. So I did my research on each plant and made a plan.
The garden is next to my West wall on my home which is my bedroom. I have one tiny bathroom window but that is it. Its just a big ugly blank wall that gets tons of sun during the day. I made a garden bed along this whole wall with one small opening where my hose goes.  What loves sunny walls? Sunflowers of course!  Along the entire wall I planted Mammoth Sunflowers and Spanish Sunflowers. The Mammoth Sunflowers are regular yellow ones that just get huge. The Spanish Sunflowers are a beautiful bright red and also very big. Now my big wall will look beautiful.
The picture below is only part of this garden bed but I wanted to show you a example of how I want to take full advantage of this area. I put my large decorative metal stakes in the back of the bed but in front of the sunflowers. I then planted pea's in front of the metal stakes.  In front of the pea's I planted beets. And if there is room left over I will plant some lettuce. The pea's should grow up wards on the metal stakes and even up the sunflowers. This leaves room for the beets to grow.

Just use your imagination and you can see how this is going to turn out. I can't wait till this stuff is growing so I can show you all later. I love this idea. Instead of just growing one item here I have planted 3 (possibly 4) things that will work together.

What about all you. Do you plant this way? What plants work well for you? Share with everyone so we can learn from it.

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