Sunday, May 2, 2010

A peek into my room...You know you want to look! Part 3

A great way to save money on furniture is to use what you have. For instance this dresser on the right was my husbands and his sisters when they were little. Its was green, blue, pink and now its current color is white. This is as is and the way it was given to us. My daughters have all used this and now its living in my room. I just love the old look of this and the beautiful curves on the bottom legs. When you open the drawer it has that old sound of wood touching wood. Not the silent sliding drawers you find on new dressers.  It creaks when you move it just to remind you of how old it is. LOVE IT! Best of all it cost us nothing.

The little side table on the left is my favorite piece I acquired.  I am a thrift store rat and love hitting up any store locally and wandering around for hours. This was bought at a Goodwill outlet which means that it never sold at a regular Goodwill and was sent there to be sold for cheap. I paid a whopping $1 for it. Again its as is the way I found it.  Instead of drawer knobs it has build on handles.  Its perfect for my bedside table. Holds things I need and just the right height. LOVE IT!

See the cool red glass hand? This was bought  at a small vintage shop in Lincoln City Oregon. I think I paid $5 for it. Not sure if it was for modeling jewelry or what. I was so excited to see it matched our new bedding theme. Who puts a glass hand like this in their room? Me of course! Its weird and oh so cool!

Now for my husband he needs nothing fancy. This is a metal planter stand I bought when I was working at a local craft store. I think I paid around $3 for this because it was on clearance for 90% off. Just to show you can use things for more than one purpose.  Its white and kinds goes with the picket fence theme from my bed. It holds his clock and thats it. No fuss no muss and my husband is okay with it. Best of all we already had it in our home and I didn't have to go buy anything. We used what we already had.

This would be pretty cool next to our bed.  Not a bad price for $19.99

Can you believe I found the exact hand! Holy cow! Mine is crazy red but everything else is exactly the same. Now I know what it was used for. So cool!

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