Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Budget Friendly Fall Decorations

Decorating for the season can get pretty expensive.  Just wanted to show you a few ways we decorate each year.
The best way to buy nice decorations is after the season is over.  Most stores will discount all their seasonal stuff the day after that season is over.  If you wait a week or two you can snag them for 75% off.  The garland you see was bought for $2.00 a few years ago. 

Another great way to save money is to hit up your local $1 stores.  The cute little silver spider you see was bought from my local Dollar Store.  Ive seen the same spiders at other stores for twice that amount. 

Oh and last but not least let your kids get creative.  The cute ghost you see is made from toilet paper, string and a black pen.  Let the kids explore in the recycling bin and have fun making stuff.

Another great tip is to use everyday items.  I have some pretty glittery potpourri that I sprinkle cinnamon essential oil on each year.  I put it into a pretty handmade plate and added two small votives I already owned.  The light from the candle makes the sparkly pine cones shine.  Love it. 

Today I decided to add the patchwork pumpkins.  I was at my local Michael's craft store and they have most of their Fall/Halloween items at 40% off.  I paid around $6 for the both of them.  These can be easily packed away each year and in no way can they get broken.  Very kid friendly.  These items make my table look nice.
Note:I recently uploaded Michael's app on my phone and used their coupon. They scanned the bar code and whalah! 40% off baby! I know, I'm easily impressed.  No paper involved and no tree's cut down for my coupon. 

I made a trip out to a friends parents farm the other day.  Hay bales are usually $5 each but they sold me this one for only $2 because it was exposed to the rain and not so pretty on one side.  I simply put the ugly side on the bottom and it looked perfect.  I added a vase (my own) with some Fall leaves I found on clearance a few years back. 
The cute little scarecrow was another good buy I found at Michael's today. I think I paid around $3.99 for him.  The reason I bought this little guy was because he can be easily packed away.  The large ones you see in gardens were about the same price but were made very cheaply and I would not be able to store it well each year. 
The black blowup cat was a dollar store find that I kick myself for buying.  Its plastic (I'm sure PVC) and will more than likely be popped by my kids soon.  What I didn't take a picture of was a bat that was also a blow up and had a hole in it from day one. Yep I opened it, blew it up and it never held air.  Seriously kicking myself now. Ugh.  NEVER again. 

The cute sign was also bought from the Dollar Store.  Its made from some sort of wood and can be hung up on the wall.  Now that's pretty cute.  Well worth the dollar you pay for it.

My favorite thing this year are these pretty Mums.  I just planted them so they have yet to spread out and fill in.  I am normally not a flower kind of person because they don't give me anything back like produce would.  I know its silly.  This year I have been adding flowers everywhere and I'm so glad I did.  I just love the colors of Fall flowers and it really does spruce up my bench area. 

Don't forget to grow your pumpkins/squash each year.  I grew all of these in my garden this year.  Not as big or as much as I wanted but it was something at least.  Squash/pumpkins can be stored for weeks inside before used.  So I like to keep them on my fireplace each year.  Just look at those amazing colors.

Look for local farms and you will find lots of pumpkins/squash you never knew existed.  I came across these a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.  These decorate my house for weeks then when I'm done with them I bake them and use the puree for pumpkin muffins.  They have beautiful moist (not to wet not to dry) flesh perfect for muffins.  Each year I look for the most scared ugly looking ones.  They are just so cool looking.

All that's left is all the paintings and drawings my kids will be bringing home from school.  We also like to collect Fall leaves from around the neighborhood and make pretty pictures from them as well.  Get creative and let the kids have fun decorating.

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