Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Review Neti Stick

Neti Stik is something I found as I wandered down the supplement aisle at Whole Foods.  Having three people in my house who suffer from allergies, I'm always on the hunt for natural things to aid in our nasal issues.  We own the Neti Pot but it seems that I am the only one that uses it on a regular basis.  When I found this I was relieved because I knew that my girls were going to get some sinus relief without any arguments. 

Neti Stik is a compact pocket size aromatherapy inhaler filled with essential oils.  It contains peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and lavender essential oils.    You can use this alone or along with the Neti Pot.  You can use the Neti Stik for sinus congestion relief during the cold, flu or allergy season.  It also gives you a boost of energy. 

Instructions: Simply put the stik into your nose carefully but not all the way.  Plug the other nostril so no air can come in or out.  Inhale through your nostril containing the Neti Stik.  Hold your breath for a few seconds then let the air out.  Now do the same thing with the other nostril.  Easy peasy.

My Review:

I am loving the small compact size that I can toss into my purse or keep in my pocket.  Its about the size of a OB Tampon. Seriously!

The Neti Stik has a wonderful scent and not harsh.  No burning  your nose hairs!

My kids actually ask for it.

Very budget friendly. At around $5 anyone can get this little joy.

Last for several months. I have owned mine for over 6 months now and still going strong.

Has no harsh chemicals or synthetic oils.

Can be recycled easily because its #7 plastic which most places take.

Best part is that it works!

Would I recommend this product? Yes with flying colors.  Its the only thing my kids will use that I don't have to force them to use.  They willingly look for it to use without me reminding them. It is also much cheaper than the traditional Neti Pot and easier to travel with.  You can keep them in your purse, in the car and just about anywhere.  And at only $5 anyone can buy this and not be broke.  Normally I would try to make my own instead of having to buy it but I tried and failed.  Well worth the money to buy this.

You can find this in any Whole Foods ( ask because its super tiny) or even on Amazon.  Or call your local health food store and see if they carry it. 

Disclaimer is on the bottom right hand size of this page.  The Himalayan Institute did not pay me to write this or send me this product. I purchased this product with my own money and these are my own opinions about this product.  Enjoy!

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