Monday, October 17, 2011

Lake View Farms

Sunday was a beautiful warm sunny day here in Oregon.  Since I didn't get any pumpkins from the garden this year we decided to visit Lake View Farms to get them.  We have taken them here a few times but it had been a few years and the younger girls do not remember it.  So we put on our boots and headed on out.
What I love about Lake View Farms is that you get a boat and train ride. Who doesn't like that? Most people do the train ride down to the pumpkin patch first. We decided this year to do it backwards and hit the boat ride first. This saved us a bunch of time.  Honestly I wasn't sure if my girls would handle standing in line for more than 5 minutes. We stood in line for only 5 minutes and we were able to relax and enjoy the experience instead of keeping our kids entertained so they didn't beat on each other.  Yes even girls this.

The boat ride was about 5 minutes long.  It takes you from the beginning of the farm to the pumpkin patch.  You pass the scary lake creature that pops up out of the water, the lonely fisherman and also some pirates.  Kids loved this feature. 
Off the boat and onto the pumpkin patch! All was fun, exciting, beautiful and then this happened.  Look what I found.  Some inconsiderate people decided to leave their garbage in the patch for all of us to see. Talk about rude. Really pisses me off because there are plenty of garbage cans and recycling cans.  Honestly people you have no excuse. Never mind..lets try to focus on having fun. Off to find pumpkins!
Then we found this. Who leaves their crack laying around? Seriously Emma pull your pants up! lol

And then we find this. You people are really pissing me off.  We all come out to nature to find a great pumpkin to take home and instead we come and leave with this in our minds.  Way to go lazy butts. Way to go.
Still annoyed by the garbage we keep looking for the perfect pumpkin. Then I look around.  Oh my gosh how beautiful......I cant even describe how beautiful it was.  Fields upon fields of different crops and wonderful little farms speckled the landscape.  Oh how I want to live here.  Think they would mind if I dropped my house out here and settled down?
We finally picked our perfect pumpkins and loaded onto the train.  Its a small 2 minute train ride but will last forever in my kids memories.  Out of all the pumpkin patches we have been to this one is our favorite.  Its jammed packed and for around $35 for a family of 6 its really not that much money.  We opted not to get food there, didn't buy any cute decorations, passed up the Caterpillar rides, no pony rides and passed on the corn maze.  So even though we didn't take up all the options our kids didn't even notice.  There is a ton of fun to be had here. 

If your in the Portland Hillsboro area you must check out Lake View Farms. 

Lake View Farms

32055 NW North Ave.

North Plains, OR 97133


Check out their site here and get directions and maps.

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