Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Bucket List 2011

I was reading a favorite blog of mine called The Green Phone Booth and thought this would be a great thing to do.  Many people have a bucket list but not me.  I have never really thought about it until recently.  It takes time to sit down and think about everything you want to do before you die.  Having four children in my home its really hard for me to get any time alone to even think about making a bucket list.  So I will start by just making a Fall bucket list.

-Take more Fall walks with the kids.

-Gather leaves and make Fall art. We put a leaf on the table then put a paper over the leaf and rub crayons on it.  They make beautiful impressions on the paper and make great wall art.

-Drink more hot cocoa

-Make yummy thick warm soups

-PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN-Make lots of pumpkin muffins n such

-Enjoy the rest of the goodies from the garden that are still growing. Kale and even tomatoes if you can believe that.

-Sit by the fire and enjoy it fully.

-Snuggle with the hubby

-Wear sweaters as much as I can

-Wear my favorite boots till they wear out.

-Start wearing my rubber boots because they look neglected.

-Wear every single one of my knit hats.  None left behind!

-Take a Fall drive with the kids

-Take nature walks with the kids

-Spend more time with my friends/family

So what about you? What would you put on your Fall bucket list?

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Pam W. said...

Eat a dinner of caramels, apples, and salty popcorn while watching an old classic movie.