Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your junk makes me happy

Today I spent several hours at my local Goodwill Outlet.  I go every few months to buy anything we need.  My wardrobe was lacking any sense of style so I was on the hunt for anything for myself.  I did find a bit of tops and some cute free flowing cardigans.  Luckily I was able to find a few pairs of Teva flip flops (my favorite!) and a cute pair of flats.  If you can believe it I also found a pair of Tom shoes for one of the twins.  They were a bit tattered but will make good play shoes. 
I picked this cute thing up for only $6.00.  I think it had been there for a while so they marked it cheap.  The bottom drawer was missing pulls which is why it probably was there for so long.  It was a bit dingy as well so I cleaned it up and added knobs that I was able to get from my grandmothers house.  Those glass knobs are really old and add a nice touch to this piece.  This will stay as is and nothing else done to it.  I love the distressed look.  This will be put in my twins bedroom and one day I will add a vintage mirror above it.

I have a beautiful red (painted it)half circle shelf that I picked up years ago. It originally was in a kitchen back when they made kitchen cabinets out of metal.  Well today I found this piece and I plan to marry them.  Since its in good condition I think I will keep the original paint.  It is made to hang on the wall so I will hang this above my red shelf which I plan to paint black now.  One day we will be repainting our kitchen cabinets black and it will match perfectly.  Love when a plan comes together.

I picked this little beauty the other day from a regular Goodwill store for only $6.99  I already own a rice cooker but as you can see the inside metal bowl has Teflon black coating that really worries me.  Really trying to stay clear of Teflon and this is the last item to go.  Also the lid is glass and impossible to clean the vent hole.   So when I saw this I had to have it.  This is a old one with just a metal bowl with no coating and has a metal lid.  I tried it out tonight and it works perfectly.  So my newer one is out and this old thing is in.  I just love the color. 
You can find just about anything at Goodwill's.  These cute little wooden Halloween decorations only cost me 99 cents.  I love all earthy type of decorations. The Little orange glass item is a hand blown glass tea light holder.  Snagged that one for half price so it was only 49 cents. Its so pretty. 
You can find lots of gardening items and even bird items.  This very large bird feeder is hand made.  Would of cost me over $30 new but I snagged this for only $4.99.  Woot woot! Also I found some biodegradable seed starter pots for 99 cents. 

So as you can see I spent way too much time at Goodwill and very little money.  I just love a thrifty find!

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