Monday, October 3, 2011

Kicking that cold naturally

I'm feeling a bit under the weather this week.  I suffer from horrible allergies and because I have yet to find a natural alternative that works for me, I take Costco allergy pills.  These things are so far from natural so I only take them when I have to.  Which leads to why I have a bad sinus infection and currently feeling crappy.  I have not taken my allergy medication in about a month and seemed to be doing just fine.  Something has been blooming this last week and like a dummy I didn't take any allergy medication.  It's my fault I am dealing with this sinus infection.
One of my daughters has a stomach bug and the other is dealing with a sinus infection as well. I try to be as natural as possible when it comes to taking anything to help us.  Last night I resorted to taking a liquid NyQuil I found in my closet. I didn't get any sleep the night before so I broke down and took it.  I slept like a bear in hibernation last night.  I figured even if I didn't feel any better at least I would get a good nights rest.  Nothing worst than being sick and not getting enough sleep. 
About a week ago I updated my arsenal of herbs.  I felt a little weird and just knew I was coming down with something.  Armed with my iPhone I found all the organic tea products I could find. I then listed all the ingredients I didn't have at my home already. Luckily it was just a handful.  I then looked in all the bulk herbs/spices and bought everything I needed.  I'm so glad I did because we have been drinking tea non stop since.  Once you start making your own tea you won't want to drink any bagged tea's.  Really do not like the taste of those paper bags. 
Today's tea:
Lemon Myrtle
Licorice Root
Orange Peel-

I have been taking EmergenC several times a day.  Wish I could find it in bulk containers.  Each one of these boxes has 30 little baggies in it.  WAY too much packaging.

The kids have been taking double the vitamins.  These Trader Joe ones are a favorite because they are natural with no preservatives.  The container can be reused or recycled.  They also love the vitamin C wafers you can find also at Trader Joe's.  My kids are not a fan of the neti pot just yet so they use the neti stick.  Works pretty well for them and I even use it often. 

A new product we have been using is this.  The fact that its tasteless is what really got me to buy it.  Oh also it was on clearance for $3.99.  Originally this tiny bottle was $21.99.  Just spray in your mouth 3 squirts up to 6 times a day.  It treats just about any symptoms you have.  We will see if it actually helps.

Hopefully none of you are suffering as much as we are. But if you are share with me how you deal with this.  What do you use?  Have any secret methods?  Share!

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Susen said...

My last cold was in January 2005...a fact that you have probably heard me talk about on FaceBook. As an herbalist and Natural Food guru, I can tell you that there are several supplements that are a MUST if you NEVER want to be sick again. Yes, there is cost involved...but please remember that I have not spent ONE DIME on over-the-counter drugstore crap, I've not missed any work, and I've not spent one single hour feeling like crap and being miserable. That, to me, is worth far more than the cost of the supplements.

The four big ones are 1) Grapefruit Seed Extract (250 mg each I take 2 a day) by Nutribiotic 2) Olive Leaf Extract (I prefer the liquid by Barlean's) 3) Colloidal Silver (I use Sovereign Silver) and 4) Oil of Oregano (I prefer Oreganol P73 Super Strength by North America Herb & Spice). I also do a superdrink every night of 100% juice, Berry-Blue Emergen-C, and Garden of Life Super Greens.

Of course, you must also be very careful what you eat because over-processed foods and lots of sugar will compromise your immune system.

As you know, I'm a Vegan...and I try to live 100% organic and at least 80% raw. I do not smoke and I drink very minimally.

In the interest of full disclosure...let me also state that I take an addition 20 or so supplements everyday which also contribute to my overall health. These include a top of the line multi-vitamin, probiotic, mushroom blend, and other herbs for a stress free and happy existence.

There is no great secret to being healthy 365 days a just requires a commitment to put the things in our bodies that boost our immune systems and stay away from food and bad habits that compromise our health. :-)