Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Battling Food-Borne Bacteria the natural way

Kitchens are the main source of our exposure to dangerous bacterial in your home. Salmonella and e.coli are the infamous interlopers. They travel on everything from meat to produce, and once loosed in kitchen, they can contaminate food. From utensils to surfaces. They will make you sick. Preventing these microbial hazards and keeping your kitchen healthy is simply a matter of practicing common sense precaution when handing raw foods. Here are some tips to help your safely handle and prepare raw foods. 

*Keep cutting boards clean. Plastic ones are safer. Treat your board in a 5 minute soaking after each use. 1 part vinegar to 5 part water. Maintain separate cutting boards for meats and produce.

*Wash all your knives between each use. Same as cutting boards, use knives separate for meats and produce.. 

*Human hands are a key way that bacteria get spread around the kitchen. Wash your hands after each item you cut up. At the same time, wash all appliance door handles, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls.

*Wash produce well. Produce that transports bacteria include leafy greens, sprouts, mushrooms, and foods like broccoli, whose nooks and crannies can protect and transport bacteria.

*Watch out for cross contamination. If cutting meat, do not touch anything until your hands are washed.

*Don't use a cloth or sponge to wipe up after handling meat. Use recycled paper towels or only use your cloth or sponge for that purpose only then wash immediately.

*Don't use kitchenware that's been used to prepare it. For example: Don't use a plate to bring raw meat to the BBQ, then use that same plate to bring the meat in once its done. Big NO NO. 

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